Sunday, November 23, 2014

stickers for hatwipes

the airport near me is the focus of a heated debate over the F-35 fighter jets. this post is not about that debate, not really.

here's the short version: increasing jet noise by the airport over the years has made a great number of homes uninhabitable. the F-35 will exacerbate the problem greatly.

i'm against the F-35 because it's a troubled and wildly expensive technology that's already obsolete and the promised jobs, i think, are or limited benefit in the face of the huge costs.

but i understand that people in my community like to eat. they want the jobs and believe the jets are a good thing.

i am telling you this so that you will understand a little of what this post is really about: hatwipes who drive around with "I HEART JET NOISE" bumperstickers.

not "i want the F-35 jobs", or "i believe the F-35 is a good thing for our community" or even "i really love planes".

no. these asshats want to tell us that they love the thing that brings the most PAIN to the people most aggrieved by the jets: the insane amount of noise that makes their lives miserable if they stay in their homes, and their homes valueless if they try to move.

it's a nice way to say "hey, neighbor. i just want you to know that i LOVE your personal misery."

i compare it kind of to that time the nuclear plant announced it was closing down and even though many of us have called for that thing to be shut down for years, the governor went out of his way to remind us all that we should not be too hasty to rejoice in a loss of jobs for our neighbors.


i'm going to propose that each end every person sporting an I HEART JET NOISE sticker be held under house arrest in a home directly beneath the flight path for an indefinite and lengthy period of time. i am furthermore going to suggest that their personal wealth be pegged to the value of the property directly under the flight path.

i have one weirdo friend who really likes planes THAT much. but most of these assholes are just privileged people who don't have to live with the consequences of it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

immigration reform maneuvering explained

"we're not gonna do jack shit", said congress.
"i'm going to make an executive order about immigration reform", said the president.
"we would like immigration reform", said the latinos. a lot of people said this, but the latinos as a group like this a lot.
"yeah, but we are not going to do jack shit" said congress. "we don't want anything to work."
"oh, yeah? here's my executive order", said the president.
"yay!" said a moderate number of latinos and interested others.
"that is very wrong", said congress. "it is wrong to give an order without waiting to see if we were going to do this ourselves and take credit for it".
"but you said-" said the president.
"very wrong", said congress. "and now you will pay. we are going to take those new rights away from those immigrants."
"just you go ahead and do that, " said the president. "see how that plays in the 2016 elections."
"you guys all suck", said the latinos.

Friday, November 21, 2014

northwest bay

last month i went paddling on the northwest bay of lake george. although i'd been TO lake george, i'd never been ON lake george, and had therefore not given much thought to the thing they say about the "emerald green" water. i'd always thought of it as a bit of a tourism slogan.

the morning kind of started out as a comedy of errors, which you can read about here, because while i do write about some of my geocaching adventures in this blog, there is always a more cache-centric version of the story in the logs.

i like to make sure that if for some reason a person decided to read me in both places that there's at least some different material to make it worth their time clicking over.

here are some pretty pictures, though.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

things i saw

these don't really fit into a category or a narrative.  they're just things i saw that i liked enough to show them to you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

watering tub road

i love weird road names.

last month i was on watering tub road in horicon, ny.

and i came around the corner and there's this:

the sign behind it says "water not potable" and i know that usually when there's an untreated water source, the town or the state will come and post that it's not tested or is not potable even if it is. sometimes, though, the water is NOT POTABLE and the only way to find out, really, is to go ask a local.

some half hour previous i had passed general store so i went back there and i asked about the water source the lady at the counter said "oh, duane know all about that stuff" and she called duane up from the back.

i asked him if the water from the tub was potable, and he said "oh, sure. i pote the heck outta it all the time."

then he went on to tell me that not only is it potable, but the town actually comes out and tests the water every week and they often clean out the bowl of the tub, which by the way is a fabulous pink-and-green granite affair.

the water is sweet and good, too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

seating arrangement

the town of indian lake, ny has a collection of adirondack chairs.

you know how sometimes a town will pick a sculpture or something that their business association or whoever thinks is emblematic of their town and they maybe get a group of artists to decorate and sponsor these things. south hero has benches. bennington has moose.

indian lake has giant adirondack chairs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

big gay pete

i'm sorry, but the seventh-grader in me is unable to see "Big Pete Gay Mountain" without snickering.

i'm also not capable of not snickering when i am near Tumbledown Dick Mountain Road. (it is TOO a thing. look it up.)

anyway, recently i was at a trailhead over near big pete gay mountain and what i found most amusing was the ranger sign at the sign in kiosk.

well, amusing in the grim we-don't-want-to-have-to-keep-hauling-frozen-corpses-outta-here way, or the winter-mountain-rescues-are-expensive way.

it's hard to imagine this trail as being anything other than challenging and, uh, desolate but the need for this sign suggests that people come here more often than they should thinking it's going to be a pleasant day outing.


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