Tuesday, September 23, 2014


so yesterday i woke up in the morning and threw in a load of laundry, put the vegetables for the tomato sauce in the oven to roast, and set up the yeast to prove.

then blah, blah blah and by two in the afternoon i had cleaned out my car (because i have to pack it to go away for a party)
bagged the dozens of teeny little quiches
made dinner rolls
put together a collection of maps and list of places to tourist that are kind of hidden
roasted vegetables and blended tomato sauce
researched recipes you can make with green tomatoes
done the laundry
whipped up a batch of master sauce eggs
packed my bags

and then i was going to write to you about it before i went off to meet the people from indiana at their campsite to tour them around lesser-known-landmarks and have dinner (i'll bring the sauce!), but just before i had to leave the house i had a little crisis of a lost camera.

there is a certain panic that sets in when the last place you're sure you HAD it was in the seat of a boat.

i found it under the passenger seat of my car.
today i need to pick up some things at the store (remember that i am twenty minutes by car from the nearest grocery store) go buy more eggs at the farmstand, update my ipod, finish packing, make a green tomato pie, and go to a party.

it'll be fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

it isn't exactly writer's block

early in the day i know exactly what i'm going to write to you. i know three or four posts i'm going to make when i come in from playing and then when i come in i sort of remember what i was going to say but i have chores to do and dinner to make and then the sun goes down and all of a sudden i have no clue what i was going to say.

in the morning i remember.

every. day.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


of course i didn't have my camera with me.

this morning i went for a walk up the hill behind the vermont youth conservation corps and to get up onto their trails proper, you have to walk up behind the solar collectors and the chicken pen and today besides the girls IN the enclosure, a couple dozen handsome hens were hanging out in the meadow and they were interested in me.

by "interested", i mean that they all came running over to look at me, which is kind of a weird feeling.

even weirder is the feeling you get when you pass the chickens and then you notice some movement out of the corner of your eye and you look over your shoulder and a flock of chickens is running behind you.

you ever watch chickens run?

it's funny.

and then i got up around the meadow and into the woods and there was a big old wild turkey.

dinosaurs are not dead. they walk among us.

we call them "birds".

Friday, September 19, 2014

stars of indiana

so today i was hanging out at the crown point historic site looking for geocaches when i happened to run into some nice people from indiana and their beautiful weimaraners and we got to talking and they offered me a sandwich since it was getting to be lunchtime.

you know how i am about sandwiches.

and how i enjoy talking to strangers.

anyway, it turns out they are on their way to pretty near where i live and like suggestions about where pretty parks and interesting things to see are and where to get a good cheeseburger and it turns out that some of the things i already love (like hubbard park!) are already on their list.

they want to know if it's worth going to the islands.

yes! yes it is, and i know where you can get good apple pie and a maple creemee while you're there.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

flipping the bird

i have a new hobby.

you know all those surveillance cameras the gubmint keeps putting up to watch you can collect data just in case later they want to investigate you?

i flip 'em off. i have to be a little careful that other drivers are not around to think i am flipping them off, so it's not a uniform exercise.

one of these days i will get a sign i can hold up tht says maybe NO SURVEILLANCE, ASSHOLES!

just so they're clear why all the hostility.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

on the porch

i'm sitting in my dad's porch recliner, enjoying his view of the lake. i have no picture for you because i am not at home.

come to think of it, i have a lot i keep meaning to tell you about, but i keep being busy going out to play doing things i mean to tell you about and on the rare rainy day i have three weeks worth of laundry and dishes to catch up on, nevermind i have to get ready to go out and play again.

it takes WORK to do all this outside playing! and i MEAN to have opinions about things but right now i'm watching a pretty purple sunset across north america's sixth largest freshwater lake.

and you know, mountains.

and recliner.

later on it will be cold and rainy and i will have time to sort out my pictures and show you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

signalling straight

near my house is an intersection at which locals practice a particular courtesy.

brown's trace (going either direction) comes down a hill to where it meets lee river road.

if you're heading north on brown's trace you have right of way, whether you are going straight or turning left onto lee river road. if you are turning right onto brown's trace you have right of way. if you're going south on brown's trace, you have a stop sign.

so local people heading north on brown's trace tend to put on the right directional to indicate to drivers waiting at the stop sign that we intend to go straight and not use our awesome left-turning right-of-way power.

it's a small courtesy, but it's how it's done out here.


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