Wednesday, October 22, 2014

it's good luck.

two weeks ago in between wine tastings, we pulled into a parking lot for a trailhead. we were there to go for a nice little walk and find a geocache, and also since it was lunchtime, we started to pull out the foods. nothing terribly fancy, but i know how to picnic.

there was a young couple there getting ready to go off backpacking for a couple of chilly nights.

now, i know that every calorie you can consume that you didn't have to carry is a bonus. so i invited them over to join us for lunch. "it's good luck to feed backpackers", i told them.

the young man said he hadn't heard that.

but it is. how could it NOT be good luck?

so they came over and shared out bread and cheese and hummus.

they were funny, too. at one point in the conversation i said something about sleeping out and bivvy sacks and "when you are a middle aged lady" and i paused here to say "it WILL happen to one of you, sooner or later" and the young woman said "you never know. it could happen to both of us." and the young man said "it's not likely, but i'm not ruling it out. you never know"

we all laughed.

 and he helped himself to more cheese.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

rock pile

last month on my adventure day with TAT, he kept referring to some mysterious cabin as the place where we should eat lunch.

i didn't give it too much thought.

it's like that when you go off for an adventure day with a near stranger who has the agenda of showing you cool places.

i'm not telling you exactly what town this thing is in, because it's open to the public but largely unpublicized, so while visitors are welcome, too many visitors would kind of spoil the vibe of the place.

basically, it's insanity of the nicest kind: one family decided to build a rock pile. they built it kind of like a mayan-style pyramid and when they were done building it, for good measure they put a cabin on the top of it.

a cabin furnished with a fireplace and a table and chairs and a gas stove and a patio and a grill and wineglasses and everything.

you have to bring your own water, but they provide the firewood.

and even the tootsie pops.

and they've cut trails on their land, which are also open to the public.

Monday, October 20, 2014


right now it is saturday evening. i'm scheduling this to post monday morning, but right now it is saturday evening.

this afternoon when i got done paddling, it was already getting chilly, so i has happy to to have ordered a pizza last night, which means i could order one today.

puterko's pizza. indian lake. i got a fouteen inch pie with eggplant and artichoke hearts. weirdly, eggplant and artichoke hearts are not premium toppings at this place, but regular toppings. the pizza is a little on the pricey side (my definition of pricey being any two topping pizza that goes for much more than a dollar an inch), but the sauce is good, the crust is good, and it tastes nice and wood-fired smokey. i don't even know if their oven is wood fired, but the pizza has a nice taste like that.

tonight it's supposed to be chilly out.

i believe it, since a few minutes ago the rain shower i was "enjoying" turned to snow.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

theoretically, this conversation happens.

judging from the empties i find, some form of this conversation happens more often than i would like:

"hey! let's you and me get drunk and wander around in the woods with loaded firearms."
"i don't see how anything could go wrong with that. ok."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

orange and camo

i keep seeing guys in full camo wearing hunter orange vests and hats. not camo orange vests and hats; just out and out flat orange.

deer have color vision, although they are not trichromates, which essentially means they're essentially red-green colorblind. it doesn't mean they can see orange. it means they can't distinguish orange from red and it means they can't distinguish red from green.

...we think.

because without actually being a deer, we can't know exactly what a deer sees.

wow. is it just me, or did it just get solipsistic in here?

anyway, what we think about deer vision is that they are EXCELLENT at seeing the outlines of forms, which is where the camo comes in. it breaks up the outline of the human form. if you're wearing a BRIGHT ORANGE VEST over your camo, you can bet your bottom dollar that the deer will see the outline of that.

"look bob. it's  a mysterious vest and a floating hat. what do you think that means?"

Friday, October 17, 2014


i use an old people pill's easier than messing with all the bottles and it helps me remember if i've taken TODAY'S pills, because it has the day of the week on the little cover.

so not stylish, but convenient.

and this morning i was filling the compartments with two weeks' pills and i got EXACTLY the right number of pills to do the job in my hand.

hmmm. sweet coincidence.

then with the second set i got EXACTLY the right number.

wow. maybe i have skillz.

same with the third.

i am a star. look at me go.

the with the fourth set, not only did i not get the right number, but it took me three tries.

i suck.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

daggett rock

ok, so i'm going back to things that happened last month, because i'm only getting to sort out the pictures now.

if you're reading this blog because you like a nice linear telling of events, you are not going to enjoy this.

anyway, last month i was at a geocache party and i ran into TAT, whom i had met at another party some months ago, so we weren't totally strangers and i was looking for a car to ride in to go geocaching during the day because i wanted to leave my car and equipment to the friend i had brought on the roadtrip so that she could go off and go biking or kayaking or leaf-peeping or whatever her little heart desired and so TAT and i were going to go off caching in his car and find a crapton of caches.

parenthetically, TAT has a real name, but among geocachers we are often known by our geocache names and many of us (like me) use as our geocache handles the aliases we've had since the dawn of the internet or even earlier when we adopted camp names or as children were experimenting with aliases.

i've been "flask ehrlenmeyer" since about 1976.

anyway, i'm in a car with TAT and he says we can powercache as planned OR we can go off and he'll show me some of his favorite maine geocaches. he's sort of apologetic about that second choice, as if it might not be as good as finding a crapton of caches.

but really, i can go out and find a crapton of low-hanging fruit just about any old day.

and TAT is kind of a big deal. he is my favorite kind of Important Person, in that he is sufficiently unimpressed by his own importantness that he seems mostly unaware of it. if you hear about it, you mostly hear about it from other people.

so i'm all, like, what? are you KIDDING? of COURSE let's go to your favorite maine geocaches. this is an OPPORTUNITY.

he takes me to some very pretty waterfalls and then he takes me to daggett rock.

now, if you've been in a room with me for more than an hour, you probably know that i am fond of rocks.

and this rock is a stunningly large glacial erratic. i recommend that you read about it here.


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