Saturday, October 20, 2018

hot flash

yeah, it's time for TMI!

i recently heard hot flashes described as a "personal tropical vacation".

i'm currently taking a break from my busy morning because suddenly it is ninety-eight bazillion degrees in here even though my thermostat is set to 60 and it's cold outside and i am nearly naked.

i am really looking forward to thanksgiving, when i will be able to call myself done with the whole business of having an active reproductive system, and it is a thing i have been looking forward to ever since i heard that periods were a thing and i was going to start getting them.

i'm not into it.

Friday, October 12, 2018


this week i saw a post in laughing squid about boomwhackers. more specifically, it was a post about the students of THUD performing don't stop believin' on boomwhackers.

go ahead. i'll wait.

a lot of people are amazed because they did not know boomwhackers were even a thing.

i am amazed because i bought a couple of sets of boomwhackers for my classroom when they were a NEW thing and although i understood that they had this potential, performing with them like this takes a LOT of skill. have you ever seen a really good handbell choir? yeah, that's the basic principle.

and if you can't figure out what the black things are they keep putting on and off, those are endcaps.

a boomwhaker is an open pipe, and the endcap makes it a closed pipe, which drops the pitch an octave because effectively the vibrating air column is now twice the length. physics is fun.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

word garden

out behind the waterbury public library they have a word garden.

it's sort of like magnetic refrigerator poetry, only with very satisfying stone pieces on gravel. i was there with my friend rsr (ingress, boys and girls! we're the BLUE team!) and we wrote this poem:

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

i was out camping.

um, yeah, so...

neither of you are going to be surprised that i took off and went camping, because of course i did.

i don't know if i told you or not, but i made a goal for myself of camping in every month this year.

and now october is complete.

later on, (yes, i always promise later ons) there are going to be some pictures and stories. right now i'm concerned with unpacking and airing out gear so it will be nice for the next camping, doing the laundry, and maybe cleaning the house.

oh, and studying for the VMN class upcoming. and preparing girl scout things.

adulting, both basic and advanced levels.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

wayward children

some months ago somebody posted something in one of my slack chats from seanan mcguire's tumblr feed. i liked what she had to say on her tumblr feed, so i started following it.

and then i realized that seanan mcguire is not just an awesome human being, but also a bestselling author.

only her books are in some genres that are usually too scary for me. but i love her so much from things she says i want to read her books. but i don't want to have nightmares. but i want to read her books. but afraid.

well, one awesome thing about her is that she actually talks to random people who write in to her tumblr. many people write in to say "whoa! i only just heard of you! where should i start?" and she points them to this page.

the wayward children series. it appeared to be gentle enough even for me, but i was still on the fence.

and then i decided to pull on my big girl pants and went down to my local library to get every heart a doorway and while i loved it, i felt it was ... incomplete. i wanted to learn more about these worlds and these characters.

but wait! there are more!

so now until the fourth book comes out, i'm having to start one of her other series, and i am hoping they are not too scary.

i now have a bona fide author crush.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

returning property

have you guys seen this story?

are you seeing the major flaw with the police position?

they're saying the guys should have turned it in immediately to a nearby BUSINESS.

as if businesses are institutions of safekeeping. as if a subway is not full of people being paid minimum wage who might steal something.

i'm not saying they're inherently dishonest, but seriously? a business is not better guarantee of getting lost property back to a person than any honest citizen.

in the last year i have returned hundreds of dollars worth of things to people who had lost them or even just left them behind in remote parking lots.

that stuff goes in my car until somebody calls to identify it. i am more confident that i will get it back to the proper owner than some random person working in a nearby store.

this story is one where the police have an overconfidence in businesses as entities that are somehow better than citizens. that officer didn't say the man should have turned it in to a police department or government agency. he's saying the man is being charged because he did not turn it in AT A SUBWAY RESTAURANT.


this is part of an increasing trend to criminalize people for just being people.


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