Friday, June 23, 2017

a little bit of math

...but just a little bit.

while we were at arbortrek, some of us were talking about how many times we'd clipped and unclipped the smartsnaps. i have to tell you that i am totally in love with these things, because the system is designed so once you're on the cable, you can't come off of it by mistake, and elements can be made directional by a wire key there being on one end  but not the other. if you're clipped to a wire you can move. if you're clipped to a ring, you're anchored. the only way to get from one wire to another is via a ring on account of some cables of appropriate length.

on the apple creek course we were on, there was even one place where we came down to the ground but could not detach from the system because a wire key had not been provided. i'm pretty sure the purpose of that is to keep guests from detaching themselves and then wandering up into the trees without being properly secure. you could have a guide come over and unlock you say, if you needed to use a bathroom or you wanted to get down and take pictures i guess, but you can't come off accidentally.

so i think it's a genius system.

anyway, we were talking about how many times we operated the smartsnap, and realized that it's a simple uniform growth of pattern thing, because at every platform (including the station on the ground) you're coming off of one wire and onto another wire with one ring in between, except at the ends where you are only either going on or coming off, so it's twice at each end and three times at every other node, no matter how many platforms you visited, provided you moved from platform to platform and didn't mess around with clipping in repeatedly at the same place.

so with normal movement it's 3(n-2) + 4 where n = the number of platforms you were on.

i knew you'd want to know.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

adventures in trees

true story: when i turned fifty (which wasn't yesterday) my mom asked if there was anything special i wanted to do, and i wanted to go to arbortrek, but i was having trouble finding someone to go with me because winter or heights or both and i didn't want to go alone, so i was un-arbortreked.

so then last week my girl scout troop had its spring camping trip and WE WENT TO ARBORTREK!!!

can i just tell you? i am SO afraid of heights, but it's a super way to confront your fears.

it was super fun. i made a little video. really, there were more of us there, but my footage was mostly shot from my chest mounted camera, so the views are just what was around me. some of the time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

dental anesthetic

i managed to live into my 50s without having any cavities or needing any dental work, so i was a little sad to have developed some.

it was cool going to the the dentist, though. i only sort of count as a new patient, though, because my current dentist bought my childhood dentist's practice and although i had not been there since before dr. fersing retired (he has since died) i'm not exactly a new patient.

i am the prodigal dental patient.

the new dentist has not taken dr. fersing's original nameplate off of the door and has no intention of ever doing so, which warms my heart.

so anyway.

i got my first two fillings last week.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

history of everything

maybe you've already seen this.

i was saving it in an open tab on my desktop thinking i would toss it in with some other entries, but i keep watching it and not finding other vids i want to show you that bad, so here it is.

 there ya go.

Monday, June 19, 2017

the patriot bag

they started selling these things over at the shaw's in waterbury back in may:

it's the PATRIOT BAG! because if you are patriotic you NEED a big bag full of fireworks that aren't really even fireworks, because those aren't legal in vermont unless you have a license for a public display. what's in the PATRIOT BAG is a collection of annoying smoke bombs, black snakes, and party poppers.

that's right, those little snapping plastic bottles the sell for new year's eve parties.

but you NEED this. it's the PATRIOT BAG.

it's also a sack full of disappointment, because the kind of people who buy this have children who want FIREWORKS and instead they're going to get smoke bombs and probably there will be crying.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


i was on remote campsite 3 for a while this spring, and also for a while around thanksgiving, and also for a short bit in april. it's a fantastic campsite, but it's not so level and there's no place really to set down your stuff.

it also has an active beaver and rather than leave a bunch of beaver cut wood all over the place i decided to make a table because of course i did.

basically i had to build it twice because i started building it in november with cheap twine and then tore it down to start it with bank line and only finished it just before i left camp after memorial day.

the top of the table incorporates logs that i split BY HAND with a ranger knife, baton, and wedges, so yay, me.

this first pic is the table with only half the top places (not tied) so you can see the bracing underneath.

and here's the finished table. it's designed to hold your stuff flat on a slopy hill and also to have a lot of places where you can hang stuff.

and here it is with some heavy bags on it!

and of course i signed it.

all of the wood for this table
was cut by beaver
no live trees taken.

a place for your stuff!
flask 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

view from route 100

i saw this on my way to waterbury center one morning. it doesn't really fit in with any of the other posts, so it's getting its own.


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