Friday, May 26, 2017

everyone's a comedian

i had this conversation with a guy i know:

him: sorry i didn't return your text.
me: you're always apologizing for things that require no apology.
him: sorry about that.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

hanging out

the words "hanging out" are appearing more in my vocabulary ever since the advent of the hammock. i used to rise with the sun so i could sit and enjoy the morning around me but now all i have to do to enjoy the morning and the view is open my eyes and maybe roll over.

it's lovely for reading or studying birdsongs or just watching the morning unfold, plus early inthe season it's chilly and you maybe just want to hang out and bask.

later on you can do more ambitious things but for now just hang out.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

symphony of frogs

last week sometime there was this big storm with lightning and wind and all that and just as it was getting dark there was the SYMPHONY OF FROGS which, to be totally accurate involved at least one species of toad.

did you know that the standard american toad is a big singer? i did not. apparently the way you can tell the trill of an american toad from that of tree frogs is that a tree frog's trill lasts a few seconds. a toad goes on for half a minute or so. and each guy has his own note.

also, because toads are terrestrial, they are more likely to be ALL AROUND YOU in the forest which leads to some rather stunning surround sound.

it's a nightly thing, if it's warm enough.

bless 'em.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

in which flask pisses off the natural world again

so there was this thing where i had to put up a different tarp. a wind gust had blown out the first one from the right side grommets. i couldn't deal with it right then so i just wrapped the tarp over my gear and decided to take care of it later.

the next day when i went to lift that tarp to get at my bags i found that a colony of ants had decided to buil their nursery in my three gear bags, so unpleasant surprise for me but more unpleasant for them, because they spent the whole day trying to move all of the colony's eggs to a safer place IN MY BAGS which was a poor strategy at best.

i guess the benefit to me is that there are fewer ants in general on my campsite now.

Monday, May 22, 2017

open letter to some bees

dear those bees who tried to build a nest in the stuffsack at the foot of my hammock,

i know it looks like a great place to build a home, but it's not. it just isn't. it isn't even about that it's MY hammock and i'm allergic to beesting, although those things are certainly true but really it's about this is not a permanent structure and when i take my hammock down in a few days' time you'll be glad you didn't invest all that energy in building here.

i'm sorry you didn't all get the memo and i regret the inconvenience caused by an entire afternoon slapping the stuffsack with nylon webbing in order to keep you and your sisters from landing comfortably. congratulations on your dedication and persistence. i'm sure that will be an asset to all of the future endeavors of your colony.

good luck to you and all your sisters.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

i have no idea how old they are.

last week i was up on the campus of champlain college (ingress, duh) which is just a block or two out of downtown (ahem) burlington and near the end of the day i saw three young women walking along wearing gown and mortarboard, which made my heart happy, and i told them so.

but since the campus of champlain college is abuts the UVM main campus and there's no shortage of high schools in the area or even other colleges, it's hard to tell where they were going.

plus i can't tell the difference between high school kids and college kids these days. i mean, yeah, i can usually tell the fourteen year olds from the twenty-one year olds, but really it's a crapshoot.

i'm thinking back to that time i nearly asked that new english teacher for her hall pass.

because she looked like she COULD have been one of the juniors and if she was in the hall at that time, she needed a pass.

so anyway, here's this.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

december high water

back at thanksgiving there was a lot of rain and the water level on the res came up so hight that i had to keep moving my boats farther up the slope. here's some video from that.

later that morning i paddled over into the state park across the way.

by "into", i mean that the water there was up into the lawn and walkways, so that was fun.


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