Wednesday, January 28, 2015

random photos

it's nothing like a real post, but bit by bit i'm pulling myself together.

here are some random photos from my desktop.

rare picture of me doing homework, circa 1980
waking up from a nap, circa 1982

fallen out of chair, 1986

formal portrait, 1986

sunrise from my bedroom last week

view from cobrass, at bolton valley

Monday, January 19, 2015


yesterday at the traffic light for the southbound on ramp at exit 16, the driver in the car in front of me opened his door, vomited onto the road, and turned left onto the interstate as if nothing unusual had happened.

meanwhile, over here, i'm feeling kind of labile and raw.

it's snowing, but it's too warm out, at least down here by my house. up on the mountain it's probably fine.

i have some projects in my kitchen, some projects on my worktable.

sooner or later i will find the energy to write to you about them.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


today is my grandmother's funeral.

instead of thinking too hard about how i feel, i'm thinking about what i will wear, and the 118 mile drive each way, and the one geocache i have to find on the way because i'm still finding a cache a day and maybe that's crazy, but it's a thing like that that can keep you going.

if we don't count thanksgiving (and i don't) the last time i went to sit with my grandmother and visit was november 7, which seems a long time ago.

she spent a lot of the fall alternating between being in pretty good shape considering and degenerating, unable to make sense of what time of day it was, or what season it was.

it was a lucky thing for me that i could arrange some trips to go have adventures by day and then come tell her about them in the afternoons, and lucky i was out having adventures on the landscape of her youth.

if i went in the day to lowell lake state park, she would tell me of the days before it was a park and the family used to go for a summer day and stay all day. if i went to ludlow spring she would tell of how on a hot summer day her father would put all the kids in the car and go to get water and also stop for ice cream besides.

november 7, i learned that last day i sat with her, had been her wedding anniversary. i hadn't really known her husband.

see, mine is a blended family. ruth was my grandmother by my mother's second marriage, so while she was very much a grandmother to me, anything that came before the intersection of our families didn't matter much.

i'd met her husband once or twice, but he died pretty early on so i wan't attached to him.

it was a long time ago.

but this last november 7 i was sitting with her and she was telling the story as if it were yesterday. she told me about the dinner they had and the dress she wore and she remembered the date. "it was the seventh of november," she said.

"today is november 7th." i told her.

"it is? well."

and we sat a while in silence.

Sunday, January 04, 2015


hey guys.

it;s been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster over here for me, so while i am still thinking of you and i still have pictures and things to show you, i'm not quite organized enough to post them.

my house hit an epic climax of slovenliness last week, and if i have any extra energy i need to straighten up around here.

but i have pics from new year's eve and i'm still going to tell you about the aborted camping trip and maybe even work my things back to things i promised to tell you LAST year.

sooner or later, you know?


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