Sunday, September 30, 2012

closed letter made open.

hello. it was good to talk with you today. the place where we were made me think of a thing i wrote to you a long time ago maybe i can't write this to you, but it still applies.

there is enormous strength in what you say! 

i'm trying to express this enormous concept, but it is recursive, interlocked, alinear. one thing proceeds from another, except back to the basic root, which springs up and flowers so widely, riotously, unpredictably and yet in order.

do i make any sense?

you're one of those rare people who carries God's light and grace by way of faith and by way of the words you speak and life the life you lead. it does no good to have gifts without bringing them out into the world.

and you are also possessed of a warmth and light all your own; you are a sweet soul, kind and gentle, good and fierce.

sometimes you speak with conviction; sometimes you speak with Authority.

i love to look at the edges of you; the landscape where you keep your public personae, your sharp thinking, your businesslike competence, your easy confident appearance, your gracious way.

i love to see the small places, the tiny signs that a placid surface covers a much larger service the scope of which is known only to you and your Lord.

i love to stand sometimes at the doorway of great giant sacred spaces in you, where out of reverence i do not dare go in, and if invited, only a few tentative steps and that even with my eyes down.

i love to see the places in you where beauty and grace, things of joy, of balance, and temperance dance and recombine in your soul: the form of a rose window, the riot of leaves, minuet and bergamask, sonnet and saga, silver and stone.

and i love also the tender little places where you hope and cry and bleed and laugh, where you keep your courage and your doubt, your sorrows and your joys, your pleasures and your longings, your faith.

your heart.

so. i maybe can't say all of what i was going to say but instead i'll say "here is a recipe you maybe will like".

and that piece of work we were talking about maybe me doing? i'd really like to do it. it'd be fun for me and it gives me an excuse to write to you and the text of the message will be "hi. is this color ok?" but the meaning of it is "i am still here. i am still listening."

sometimes things get awkward between people. sometimes there is silence even between the best of friends.

so. if you're reading this, you know who you are. i will dare tell you that sometimes people read this and they comment anonymously. sometimes i know who they are, and sometimes not so much.

there will be days when you wish for me to know that you are still here, still listening. you can leave an anonymous comment to say no more than that and even if i know it is you, i will pretend for your comfort that i do not know who you are.

as for the rest of you, you odd collection of random readers and the occasional follower: sometimes that  friend from whom you are estranged misses you. sometimes small talk will have to do because for the time being it's all you can manage.

it doesn't matter why. accept the cup of coffee, even across silence.

still here. still listening.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

vote count

mostly i'm just depressed about politics.

i;m depressed about a world in which the very wealthy and large corporations exploit everyone else and capitalize on both fear and nationalism, which is also based on fear.

i am depressed about news that politely ignores its sponsors.

when i hear reporting on politics, the first question i have is: who benefits from this? where is the money? why are people appearing to vote against their own interests? who really represents MY interests?

but i love sites like polifact.

i love them because not only will they acknowledge their bias, but they will make transparent their sources and their income sources and just give you the information and let you think for yourself.

a lot of the time even the reports of who's ahead in the polls gets spun so i don't know what to think, but i like this site, because they just collect the data for you and explain the methodolgy and even though i know the guy behind it has a liberal bias, he pretty much keeps to the facts because information is power, even when it's information you don't like.

Click for

in election years i just keep that page open in my browser and look at it every day, because even if things are going badly, i feel a littel better because i at least know what's going on.

Friday, September 28, 2012

falling out of position

tuesday afternoon i went up to ride around the preston pond loop.

you know, because i needed a bike ride and also it was sunny out and i thought it would be a really good opportunity to take some autumn in my neighborhood pictures for peg.

and i was having a good time up on the loop and riding pretty well and taking a few nice pictures and then for no apparent reason i took a little digger and went right over my handlebars.

the trail was narrow, but flat and sooth and i can;t for the life of me figure why i went over.

just a little slow roller over the bars. and it would have been nothing if i'd landed on the rock, because a slow roller onto a huge rock that sticks up a couple of feet off the ground often means you just push back with your hand.

of course i fell just ahead of the rock, where the ground was a couple of feet below the trail, so once i got done going over the bars that represented some serious loss of altitude in a face down position.

it wouldn't have worried me a bit except for the part about the handlebars of my bike having come to rest immediately below me, and pointing up into my gut.

so it would have been bad to fall all the way down onto THAT with my full body weight and i don't remember how exactly i managed it, but i found myself in a position rather like downward dog, only suspended over a bicycle with my hands a foot or two lower than my feet.

you know, like a nightmare yoga class.

and i thought of it in terms of yoga because once i caught myself in the fall i had a few very uncomfortable minutes trying to figure out how to return to my preferred upright position without an impalement, and i was running out of time in which i can reasonably support my weight uspside down.

and then i thought: this is very like downward dog.

so i thought about how i might change my position if i attempted to move in the direction of forward bend or maybe warrior, and somewhere in there muscle memory took over and i was able to shift my weight to something more comfortable.

the only thing i noticed that really hurt was my left had, which hit the brake lever hard enough to break the skin even through full gloves, but it was still a nice afternoon and a nice ride despite a few bumps.

the bruise on my belly where the handlebar hit didn't even show up until this morning, but it's no surprise given the tenderness of the underlying area.

anyway, here are some pretty pictures, and if you like, here they are pinned to a map.

and yes, i carry my camera in a hard case, so it's fine.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

catch of the day

my computer obviously has some sort of virus.

i have no idea what yet. but the virus does not like google.

for three days my machine has refused to connect to any site that begins with google.anything, butit;s ok with, so mail is good but reader is not.

some genius person told me to reset my DNS, do i did and that fixed it.

but my machine keeps wanting to install a thing called photogallery and when it tries to install itself, i lose google.

in other news, i'm not doing so good.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

shocking conclusion

if you were following the story of the rear shock on my new bike, you will be happy to know it has a conclusion.

my bike shop called to tell me that the manufacturer of the shock did indeed find a fault with the shock causing it to lose air when activated.

so i brought the bike into the shop and they slotted in a new shock, the 2013 model and an upgrade. it works great.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

tanker truck

at yesterday's fire i took some video of the tanker trucks going back and forth from the fire to the millbrook.

it's kind of cool; they set up a giant kiddie pool type thing and fill it with water and then they just shuttle trucks back and forth filling it up so they can pump it out.

Monday, September 24, 2012


today in glitch it was zilleoween. maybe i will write to you about that later. maybe.

but with all the festivities i didn't want to go out for too long since i had a secret contest running so i rode my bike up from my house around the preston pond trails and i had only been home a few minutes when i heard the first of the sirens.

it's not super unusual to hear sirens up here, because every now and again someone needs an ambulance or there's an accident but this is a very small neighborhood in a pretty remote area, so a siren means one of my neighbors is having a bad day.

this was different, though. there were three ambulances and a fire truck in the first group coming past my house. and i heard more sirens coming on nashville road and notch road, and that about covers the three ways to get here.

it is either a structure fire or a bad, bad accident.

i looked out my window and saw a plume of smoke. okay, structure fire. i can tell where the house is that's going up, which narrows it down to only a few of my neighbors.

i want to know what's going on. i want to see the trucks.

but one more person on the scene will not do anything but be one person in the way.

after a while some of the trucks go away. ambulances depart the scene with lights off, which means no patients aboard. the plume of smoke stays steady and then decreases some. more trucks leave.

and then after a while, one more firetruck comes, but it's a tanker. i figure the fire is under control and they're just drowning it now so i figure it would be all right to go down and have a look so i get on my bike and go.

there are tons of firetrucks when i get there, and some of my neighbors standing around.

it was the garage of our road crew supervisor. a nearby neighbor called 911 and the first responders arrived at about twenty minutes in.

that's pretty amazing, since if you drive fast it takes fifteen minutes to get into town where the squads are.

the guys tell me that usually jericho-underhill fire is first on scene out here, but today the bolton squad was here first, along with richmond rescue. essex and williston also responded in short order, and i believe it was the williston trucks that left first because by the time i got there the williston trucks had gone.

nobody was home and nobody was hurt. the garage was a total loss, but the house was saved and none of the surrounding stuctures caught fire.

as an additional mercy, there was a brief rainshower during the fire that dampened the tall grass surrounding the garage so there was less worry of the fire spreading to the meadow or the forest.

i stood out with the neighbors and watched the tanker trucks go back and forth to the millbrook for water and we talked about neighbor stuff and fireman stuff and were generally pleased with the hard work and quick response of our local squads and our thanks and relief.

and while i was there i took some pictures of some nice shiny firetrucks.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

wrapping it up.

ok, so this is my last post (i think) about last week's trip to maine.

peg, i hope you're enjoying these because i took some of these pictures just for you.

for those of you who just came in or whose of you who don't read peg's blog (are there people who don't read peg's blog?)

but anyway, peg was saying last week that she was thinking about how much she wanted to go to maine in the fall and i was a tease and wrote in to say "hello. i'm on vacation in maine."

while i was teasing, though, i took some nice pictures for her.

"peg will really like this one", i would say, snapping a picture.

granted, i take pictures anyway, but peg had said the thing about wishing to see pretty maine views, so i was thinking about that some of the time.

...all of which is probably wayyyy more words than i need to say "here are the rest of my pictures from maine. i hope you like them."

you can find the gallery of them here. go look, why dontcha?

Friday, September 21, 2012

footbridge drawbridge

last week when we were in ogunquit, we happened to be on the perkins cove footbridge as a tall boat was coming up the inlet, which means that the drawbridge had to be raised and so there were a handful of us tourists wondering who was going to raise the bridge.

the buttons to operate it seemed simple enough, but there was a sign that said something along the lines of


so we weren't sure if just any adult was authorized, or that they were being doubly clear no children.

the one thing we were sure of was that we should get off or the moving part of the bridge, so we did.

and then we stood around wondering out loud if we should press the buttons but then a guy crossing from the other side who seemed to know what he was doing came and took care of it with plenty of time to spare.

it turns out that it is customary for any adults who happen to be handy to press the button, and it is expected so that nobody from the boat has to climb out and do it themselves.

now we know.

here's my video of it.

it made me think of another day, far away, and on a lock, not a drawbridge, but there was a box and some buttons and it had to do with boats.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

another one for peg

i'm still going through my pictures from maine last week and when i've got them sorted i'll post them for you.

meantime, here's another one for peg.

what you see here is a view of the maine coast from inside a candy shop: perkins cove over handmade chocolates.

you're welcome.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

trail survey

after yesterday's storm i went out and rode all the woodside lowland trails. the woodside at catamount has the flat part i call the lowland and it has the bumpy part that goes UP THE HILL. it's a biggish hill. someday i'll probably show you a topo map. everything east of the powerlines goes up or down the hill.

but west of the powerlines it's mostly flat and the one hill is small and there are some technical bits but mostly it's easy rolling and it's my favorite part of the place.

and last night in the storm i heard some big thing come down, but not too close to me so i went out today to do a survey of those trails and found five blowdowns on the trails. from the placement of one, i'm pretty sure i heard it come down. and yeah, it was right where it would have been if it was that big noise i heard over my left shoulder and not close enough for it to hit me or even come close, but they'll need a chainsaw to clear it and a thing that big makes a good amount of noise even if you're not underneath it.

i have a picture, but i;m on the sofa now. in my pjs. i;m not going upstairs to load it onto my machine.

so just imagine: a tall tree falls in the woods. here by me, there's a long trunk. over there are some branches.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

mr. toad's wild ride

well. THAT was interesting. tonight was the last tuesday night trail run of the catamount season. the weather here was hella rainy and hella windy all day and it was comparatively calm at the venue when we started, but by the time i got around the corner of sandman's the wind had REALLY picked up and i wasn't watching the trail. i was watching the treetops, which were blowing like daisies in a meadow. i didn't even bother to notice the twigs and bunches of leaves coming down like confetti, but the cracking and crashing all around me was alarming. i only SAW a few branches of four or five inches diameter come down near me, but i heard some things a great deal bigger come down off to the sides. and most of the time in woods there are "leaners"; trees that have already come down but are hung up on other trees and haven't fallen all the way yet. out on the backside of sandman's there were a lot of leaners hanging up in the branches that are now leaning on the ground but not fallen all the way. i was still on the wrong side of those guys when the wind picked up again and i ran. like. hell. i got out ok, but i was pretty jumpy and i don't think i've ever run that fast. in other news, i am only getting angrier and angrier. the Very Bad Thing is hanging heavy on my soul, and i do not care what damage gets done because it's time for a LOT of truth telling.

Monday, September 17, 2012

hermit crabs

night before last we were on prout's neck at the ferry beach in scarborough and it was just after low tide and there were all these little hermit crabs in the pools.

eating, fighting, doing whatever hermit crabs do.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

no, not sweathogs.

stream of consciousness.

i was saddened by the death earlier this year of ron pallilo which doesn't really have anything to do with today's post except my mind went there.

yesterday afternoon barb and i wandered into old orchard beach for no particular reason and we were out wading on the sand bar and there was this guy out there digging clams.

now, my first memory of clams was wayyyyyyy back in my childhood when we went clamming off of fire island and took those little guys home and right into the steamer and they were one of the best things i'd ever tasted in  my little life.

barb never saw clams being dug, though, so i asked the guy if he wouldn't mind me taking some pictures and probably i wouldn't strictly need to ask permission to take pictures of his clams or holes, but when you see people doing interesting things and ask if you can take pictures, often they will show you the most interesting bits and tell you a story to boot.

and while we were talking, one of his quahogs tried to escape.

here's a short video.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

important news you may not know.

transfer station decals are available at the police department.

outdoor burning is prohibited without a permit.

file of life refrigerator magnets are available from the fire chief.

there are vacancies on the planning board.

you need a permit to hold a yard sale.

harbormaster's phone number: 646.2136

rotary club meets noon on wednesdays.

only dial 911 in case of emergency.

all honorably discharged veterans are entitled to full military honors at burial.

rosh hashanah services are being held monday september 17th at jonathan's restaurant.

the baptist church will be reading "the story", selected passages from the bible arranged to read like a novel.

you may not ride your pony or horse in the ogunquit estuary area, not ever.

wifi is now available at the library.

all you can eat pancake breakfast $5 every saturday to benefit the senior center.

the parks and recreation department is seeking instructors and ideas for classes to teach to the community.

the town office is open nine to five monday to friday.

the chamber of commerce board of directors is seeking nominations for citizen of the year.

use and sale of consumer fireworks is prohibited within town limits.

if smoke from your wood fire is impeding your neighbor's ability to enjoy their own property, it is considered a "nuisance"

next month is dogtober.

i LOVE this channel. the default channel when you turn on the tv in our room is the community announcements channel, with pretty local scenery pictures and crappy elevator music.

we have been watching this channel nonstop in our room for the last half hour. we are mostly watching it because i am insisting that it is most excellent.

"i LOVE this channel", i say, every two minutes.

"what are you writing about?" my friend asks.

i read her the post so far. when it get to the part about "we have been watching this channel", she explodes laughing.

"WE???" she says, with some indignation.

Friday, September 14, 2012


today we went mountain biking here.

then there were some other things i may or may not tell you about later.

we had dinner at the cape neddick lobster pound, and my mom who is at home in vermont picked up the tab, which is a lovely thing.

mom likes that place. we all like the food and it's one of the few seafood places where a vegetarian can get a really nice meal, plus it's right on the water and a pretty view.

so here's a picture from our table. tide low, but rising.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

this one's for you, peg.

long night exposure, no tripod.

not bad for handheld.

pretend it's gritty and arty.

this is nubble light.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

mystery solved

today when i went out for my bike ride i could not figure out why my legs felt so sluggish.

i was trying to add up the reasons why there was not spark in my legs. allergy season? emotional stress?


and then: ohhhhhhhh. i ran last night. and i ran hard. i think i have mentioned that i am not a fast runner even in a good year and i think i have mentioned that the run is only a 5k, but it was MY 5k, an ambitious pace on  a hard course and at 57:20 it was a personal best on that course.

tomorrow's a rest day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

wooo, dad!

recently i was on a boat.  yeah, i know other people maybe sing the song, but i only ever heard it once so it was pointless for me to make reference to it, especially since nobody else on the boat had heard it.

but the boat had a  horn, and my dad blew it.

impressive, yes?

Monday, September 10, 2012

doug's little machines

i think i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that i had been to a party and seen some interesting things. i also said that i was too tired to show you the pictures and you can go back and read that post if you want, but it's not very exciting so i'm not even going to give you the link.

it was the end of season party at catamount. we're not done riding there, but the xc mountain bike race season is over, so that's what the party was about.

one of doug's monkeypuzzles 
don't be sad, though, catamount fans, because the tuesday night running season still has another week on it and the cyclocross season is only just getting underway. plus the trails are really nice and there's still a lot of riding left.

our friend doug (who also built the awesome orthoses i wear that make walking bearable now)-
the larger engine

uh, anyway, doug was there and he brought some things for show and tell. he's a hobby machinist, and a skilled one at that. he brought two of his little motors and a few monkey puzzles that he made.

most days i consider the day to be a success if i have seen something interesting. maybe it's a low threshold for the judging of success, but if i have seen an interesting thing and gotten to take pictures of it i call it a pretty good day.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

mobb farm

yesterday i went riding at mobb farm, which is a pair of trail sets  by fellowship of the wheel.

i rode on the the valley side and then the hill side and then back to the valley and then home for a nap.

it was golden sunlight in dappled autumn woods and field, forest and riverbed habitats to boot.

here are two views of it.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

slaughter of the innocents

i saw them first.

to be fair, the dogs smelled them. and we all saw the terrified mothers leap out of the shelter of the pile of canvas, but i saw the little mouselings, newly exposed.

what do you do?

i have kept rodents as pets. i would have hand raised these little pinklings, or tried to, but the truth is i haven't got time right now to be raising a litter of wild mice.

there, in my gloved hand, they were trying to suckle. their little eyes weren't open yet, but they would be in a day or so.

we had few options. the only real choice was to kill them quickly and humanely.

i cried a little.

and we went back to work.

Friday, September 07, 2012

smokin' hot

do you guys ever read the spam comments you get?

some just make me shake my head. do any of these things actually fool people? i mean, are there THAT many bloggers who are both stupid and starved for any kind of attention that this sort of thing is actually profitable?

a recent comment:

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your site? My blog site is in the very same 
area of interest as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
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(link removed)

let's break this down, shall we?

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to 
your site?

no, that'll be fine. i have no objection to you quoting my material properly cited and linked.

My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours

really? that's odd, because my blog is mostly about my life and thoughts. is your site about my life and thoughts too? because maybe we should get together or something...

and my users would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.

well, if you think so. because although i DO provide a few recipes and some links to interesting things, most of what i post here isn't really of much benefit, especially to people looking to buy cigarettes on the cheap.

Please let me know if this okay with you.

i imagine it would be nice for you to know you have a live link and a gullible mark, so sure, i'll get right back to you.

Also see my site :: winston cigarettes 

of course i will visit your site! it is clear from your comments that we have a lot in common and i'm sure we're going to be great friends. i bet even the many users of your site will come here and read my words regularly because after all why wouldn't people looking to buy cheap cigarettes from a fly-by-night website enjoy stories of my mountain biking adventures and photos of geese i might have met?


this afternoon i got a comment on this here post and wanted to share it with you:

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lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like Wordpress or
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

sound bite from the DNC

i heard a scary quote from the democratic convention. do radio reporters just go and look for the biggest asses who haven't been tied up and locked in a broom closet?

so anyway, there was this show and a reporter and some commentators, one from the republicans and one from the democrats because it's THAT kind of show where they talk about stuff civilly.

and they get this guy -presumably a white guy- who gets on to complain that the democratic convention is all fine and dandy and he loves what the party stands for, but he just wishes that he felt more "included" and that there were more people at the convention who "look like me".

i'm not kidding. a white guy was complaining that there weren't enough white guys. AT A DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION.

and both commentators, the republican and the democrat, bless their hearts, laughed right out loud and said there was no need to worry that white guys had suddenly become irrelevant to the discussion, and that they had not, in fact, lost their standing or voice and were not in danger of being pushed out of the decision making process.

it's sad when you need to fall back on exclusive control in order to feel comfortable letting people traditionally marginalized have any voice at all.

i guess what the guy is saying is that it's all right to let the coloreds and such feel better about themselves or something as long as they don't get all uppity and expect to be part of the conversation.

i'm sorry, but if a full 70% of the people there aren't white guys, that is not a true representation of the US citizenry.

to match the US demographic at large, half of the people there should be women. thirty percent ought to belong to a "racial minority".

does the convention floor look like that?

how about the delegates? the speakers? the policymakers?

when we can look at a national convention or our legislatures and see a rough equivalent representation of the population, we'll have something closer to equality.

you can bet on it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

parti quebecois

today i was going to say a few words about the parti quebecois and that was before i heard about the shooting.

this afternoon i wrote a thing as a comment on someone else's blog and it was pretty much what i was going to say to you so instead of rewriting it i'm just going to post it the way i wrote it there.


i perhaps have not been following quebec politics as well as i should, being perhaps too much thinking about vermont politics.

my full understanding of current climate notwithstanding, i have an opinion.

we have in this region of north america a shared heritage and quebec finds itself in the difficult position of being the last bastion of the francophone portion of that rich cultural heritage.

canada as a country ought to be vigorously preserving its francophone citizens and their heritage.

moreover, anglophones are part of the rich cultural history of quebec. quebec as a province ought to be vigorously protecting its anglophone citizens and their cultural heritage.

anglo quebeckers are not just more anglos that are an inconvenience to french life; they are a part of the history of the province. they are are a minority people of some importance and quite frankly quebec ought to understand that on a fundamental level better than most political entities.

here in the us we have wiped out nearly all of our francophone heritage. in the 1930s the state of vermont engaged in systematic eugenics to purge francophones from the population. here in vermont and new hampshire and maine we lost something good and important.

so i don't know what the answers are, but what i know is that it is a shame to lose the precious enclaves of minority culture whether that's the larger group of francophones in canada or the smaller group of anglos in quebec or any other group for that matter.

let's everybody play nice, ok?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

flapping and fussing.

here is a video of lisanh's toulouse geese in a kiddie pool.

they are lovely gentle geese and not, as some people call geese in general, "hose-necked bastards".

i was getting ready to post the video and i thought of this poem i wrote long ago, about some other geese:

he's there when the ice cracks
and every little streamlet rolls
and heads of newborn grass poke through
and the grass grows tall and taller
and gets mown down and the hayloft fills
and corn is planted and it bows down

they are a pair, these two-
they tend their nest as the season turns
the barnyard goose with the yellow feet
and the canada goose handsome and proud

and later when the corn is cut
there are little ones who must be taught
to flap and fuss and take the sky
brown and white all to their ways
go flying over stubble fields
where frost comes down and summer yields
and he remembers other days and only he knows
why he came
or why he stays.

Monday, September 03, 2012

i know. right.

yesterday i heard the most astounding interview with john sununu.

i do not remember him making quite that little sense, or sounding so rabidly angry. i don't know about you, but whenever i hear somebody go on a rant about how fact checkers know nothing and no matter what anyone says about things that have a great deal of evidentiary weight and are a matter of public record, nobody knows anything about it but them, it gives me pause.

i've been listening a lot these days to what they have to say at fact checking sites and i've been listening to what fact checkers like say about bias and their process.

last week i heard an interview with someone at politfact who described the process and the transparency of it, and the care they take to cite sources on everything so you can check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

when i hear a thing that clashes wildly with a thing i believe and want to believe, i usually think: wow. that does not match what i think i know. i should go look that up. i should find as many sources as possible. i should find out who benefits from that being true and who benefits from this being reported this way.

sometimes i learn that a thing i want to believe is just wrong. sometimes i learn that the thing i believe is supported by actual evidence.

in either case, i'm not wild about being told what to to think. and i am really not wild about angry guys shouting that only a select group of people can possibly understand the actual facts, and that everyone pointing to evidence to the contrary are simply too stupid or too much enmeshed in an evil conspiracy to see the real meanings of things, which we should all just shut up and believe what we're told. or else.

i've been thinking about these general ideas a lot recently, and actually not in reference to politics exactly, although most changing ideas in science or even mathematics do touch on politics. i was actually going to write this same post about climate science, or about the debate over what to do with the mental health crisis in this state.

and then i heard that interview with john sununu. go listen to it if you dare.

statements that rest on themselves as proof are not necessarily true. loud belligerent shouting does not make things true.

john sununu is an ass.

i don't remember him quite that way, but apparently he is one now.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

more farm fun

if you're following along, you know that in the past couple of years i have taken to only buying eggs from people who keep chickens.

so i've written about eggs before.

anyway, we were putting up the tent at lisanh's farm and alla sudden gaela was eating an egg.

gaela and the egg
the nest

...which means that she had found a nest.

...which means that lisa does not have to go looking for the eggs. when the move is farther along, there will be a coop, but not yet.

so it's helpful if a dog hunts out the nests. it's only fair then to share the eggs with the dog as a
finder's fee. the dog got two, and i got the rest.

they are delicious.

the turkeys look at my stuff

Saturday, September 01, 2012

turkey herd

among the exciting things yesterday was the turkeys discovering the land beyond the yard. they had not yet been up to the field on the other side of the fence, so it was all new to them.

there were lots of bugs and lots of green grass and pretty much half of the things turkeys generally want, so it was fun to watch them go have a look.

but then they were too close to the road and had to be brought back, which was accomplished with a dog.

i think this is bjarki bringing them back. lisa has three border collie thingies (ok, icelandic sheepdogs...), and i'm pretty sure this one is bjarki.


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