Saturday, December 24, 2011

daily downloads

tonight at church joan preached a thing she called "everybody goes to bethlehem". if you really want to know, you can wait until martin posts it over at

it was beautiful, though, and if you stand where i stand in the church when the candles are lit, you look out facing the whole congregation, and people are mostly wearing red: red vest, red sweaters, red jackets, and you don't notice it so much until you see it in the sea of candle flames and they are all so beautiful that i almost can't stand up.

anyway, i've been posting racks from my christmas album over at and you can download them until january 6 if you like. here is tonight's posting; you can find the others from there if you're inclined.

peace be with you, tonight and every night.

Friday, December 16, 2011

songs from an alternate reality

there's a lot to tell.

right now i'm just going to say that i am still out here and i'm doing pretty well, considering. i have a ton of projects, and i have pictures to show you later but for right now i'm just going to give you two sound clips.

i'm still playing glitch a lot, and that little imaginative world sparks a little imagination.

a while ago i was trying to get currants in the game (the currant-sy. hehe) to buy my precious little house in groddle meadow but it was going to mean a long haul down in the ilmenskie mines, which only made me think of the traditional groddle song that the miners used to sing on their way down into the mines:

ilmenskie miners

of course, as time goes on the traditional songs of groddle are being uncovered, and it turns out the people of groddle are a cheeky bunch. there's much more expensive real estate to be had in alakol or salatu and often peopel will work to buy very expensive houses in alakol only to realize they'd rather live in groddle.

of course the meadow dwellers have a song about that, too.

i live in groddle meadow

the most famous song of groddle, though, is immortalized in the GNG musicblock and you should go listen to it.

good night, groddle.

Monday, December 12, 2011

hey, hi.

i've been playing glitch kind of obsessively, or at least playing it in most of my computer time.

things have not been going so well for me, and it's nice to be in an alternate world where things ARE going well for me and life is simpler.

outside of that i'm still taking pictures and making foods and sooner or later i hope to have something for you about that. for right now, though, i'm thinking about what i will do with my afternoon, what i will make in my kitchen, and my advent project.

i'm not feeling so well. i have to keep busy.


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