Thursday, June 08, 2006

up and down

do you remember that song? up and down? cookie monster and herry monster used to sing it. i wish i could find a downlod for you, but all i could get was the lyrics. probably more than you need anyway.


sunday night i was crashing and by monday i was crashed. couldn't stop crying. didn't care. good time to die, as far as i was concerned. spent a long time on the phone with my mom. nothing helped. but i made it through. didn't sleep so well monday night.

went staggering in for ECT on tuesday. Betsy got the IV started right away, almost. the meds weren't too painful going in. but i woke up with the most horrible cramps. YES, that's twice in two weeks. the good news is that i could possibly be the age for it.

that would be nice. it would also be nice to blame all of monday (or even some of it ) on PMS.

when i got homw tuesday i crawled right into bed and slept while my mom hung out and did a lot of the household chores. it is good to wake up and find the laundry done and the patio weeded. except i still wish she could just get the knack of throwing the underwear into the drawer all bunched up, the way i like it.

and when i woke up the depression had lifted. the crashcos came and picked me up and we went for our weekly run. i was very slow and it was very painful. it's kind of like a metaphor for my life: i keep going and i keep going and it hurts so much i can hardly stand up but people stand and cheer for me as i go by and i have to keep going until i cross the finish line.

so i do.

and i don't know for sure, but i'll bet i am the only runner on that course who spent any part of the day under general anesthesia.

at any rate, by back is crampier than last week, but in general i have less soreness in my legs and feet, and i'm also ten minutes faster than last week.

rumblestrip took me home afterward, so i fed her some dinner and we were able to have some words with bob.

i crave sugars after the treatment. i eaat mor luckies than maybe i should. and i like to drink horchata and i like to eat freezer waffles because they make an excellent vehicle for grade B maple syrup. it's hard to get grade B, unless you know people. i know some people.

which brings us to wednesday. i've pretty much written off choir for the season, because i have races on the remaining choir days. but i miss them so. and the choir kind of needs rumblestrip, so the challenge was to get rumblestrip through the race and off to choir practice. precision bike valet.

only tricky bit was all the rain. took me forever to wrestle my way in and out of wet sports bras. and the mud!

but i got cleaned up and dresed up and mounted my bike and was mostly ready to take care of rumblestrip's gear. fed her a banana, a granola bar, and some gatorade (flavor: blue) on the way to practice.

i was so happy to see skipper and everybody i was afraid my face was going to break, with all that grinning.

it was a blast. probably too much of one, 'coz there's always a down side. knowing about it is usually the best protection from it, though.

so in a little while i'll get suited up and go race the huntington course and try not to get run over.


skipper said...

So glad you came to practice Wed.! I was tickled pink to see your grinning self! And a chance to chat afterward with Jen and friends. She was more relaxed than I've seen her in months. Never knew what was going on just all the time invested and helter skelter it seemed.
It is Sat. 10th, 8 pm.
Love, S

Anonymous said...
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