Monday, March 15, 2010


twenty-five years ago i made a promise to the god-in-whom-i-did-not-yet-believe.

as far as i'm concerned if you make a promise, you keep it whether or not the person to whom you made it exists.

if you are making promises to people who in your mind don't exist that's your lookout and maybe you ought to have a nice long talk with yourself or whomever you talk to about such things, but if you're going to make promises, you should keep them.

in order for me to keep my promise this year AND for me to be where i wish to be -at home- on palm sunday, it leaves me with no real choice except to toss my bags in the car tomorrow and drive to washington, DC, a city that while very beautiful gives me the heebie-jeebies.

and then on wednesday having discharged my obligation i will put my bags back in the car and drive home. ten hours' drive each way.

it'll be fun, i'm sure.

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