Monday, January 23, 2012

adventures in templates

anyone who makes a habit of scanning this blog for minute changes (not me; i have better things to do) will have noticed that in the right sidebar i have added a photo gallery.

i had to do this because my web server is drying up in june and i'm looking to create pretty much the same package, only using free services and linking them together.

but will blogger (or wordpress, for that matter) let you use multiple templates on the same blog?


wordpress will, but only if you're using their software ON YOUR OWN SERVER, so the answer is still basically no.

the good news is that if you know a little CSS you can modify templates to read as you want.

do i know CSS?

no. but by the time i'm done, i will. and while we're at it, i'm taking a little time to learn to code using codeacademy's codeyear. if you want to join in the hilarity, it is only week three and you still have time to catch up.

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