Tuesday, February 17, 2015

death on a desk

well, i was almost finished editing some video i wanted to show you.

i say "almost", because i got to the end of the project and decided that i wanted to re-shoot all the footage and make it nicer. plus for some reason with all the footage i shot, i was missing an important part, so i was actually just getting ready to scrap the project but then for some reason i decided to go into my files to get a song that i wrote years ago because i want to rework it a little for new purposes and that's when my desktop machine died.

so suckage.

good news: i had good backups, mostly.

and it's not a surprise: for the last week there have been behavioral indications that made me think "is my computer dying?"



well, shit.

1 comment:

Cookie said...

argh. hooray for backups! i hope you find a good computer doctor today.


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