Saturday, April 02, 2016

open letter to the registrars of ridgefield, CT

hey, hi.

it's not important whose campaign i'm volunteering for.  my task today (and some other days) is to comb websites and talk to town clerks and registrars to verify current polling places.

i've seen a lot of town and county websites these days.

you guys win my prize for today. out of the dozens of connecticut towns i looked up today, you have the clearest and most accessible information about state voting laws and requirements, and the best and clearest information about how to locally access the necessary forms.

in some towns they seem to treat elections like a secret club.

i believe in good governance, and in free and fair elections, with information for all people who wish to exercise their franchise whether they are established voters, new to town or new to voting.

it's important not just at a local level, but as part of our national integrity.

so thanks. i'm just one middle aged lady from another state, but i appreciate your website and your work.

i hope voting in your town goes smoothly. may you have high turnout and few challenges, full ballot boxes, short voting lines, and sound sleep.

all best.

(my name)
west bolton, vermont

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