Sunday, April 16, 2017

burtonsville rig and a star fire

at thanksgiving camp i have to keep a fire going most of the day.

in summer i will often not make a fire at all and only then for cooking, but in winter this becomes a matter of safety as well as comfort. with a fire going all day, you can warm up in a hurry if you get a chill, and you always have fire to make hot food, hot water for washing,  and if you have a pot hanger, you can keep tea water just below boiling all day.

with an adjustable pot hanger, you can just drop the pot down a notch and get your water right hot on the quick.

plus you know i love to have a project.

there's a lot of advice around the interwebs on how to make various cooking contraptions and you can really fall down a rabbit hole on that one, but i like this guy.

mine wasn't as elegant as some of his, but it is serviceable and a good beginner effort.

and oh, man! having hot water all the time makes such a difference at a cold weather camp!

this camp was also the first time i used a star fire configuration. it's not tidy and can't be used in a busy camp or one with kids but it saves you a lot of time cutting wood and you can control the heat and the rate of burn very well by pulling the spokes in or out. you can move the shorter spokes to the areas with more traffic and leave the longer spokes away from you until they shorten up.

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