Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the ricker free republic

i was on the mountain yesterday (and it is a bona fide mountain) and i rode up on a chair full of little duffers from the ski school: andrew, anja, and spencer.

...which reminds me, i have to call spencer, my chiropractor, who is brilliant.

...especially if you enjoy conspiracy thories. i'm not sure about all of them, but i love to hear a good one sometimes and spencer's my man. plus, he's just about a genius with a spine which is what i pay him to do in the first place. his practice is full of people who love him the first time he lays hands on them.

and you see a lot of guys wander into his office who say things like "spencer, dude. can you see me today?"

anyway, i was on a chairlift with this little guy and he's telling me that ricker mountain and vista mountan are not real mountains.

you need to understand that bolton mountain is my home as much as any place on this planet and that ricker mountain and vista mountain come in pretty close behind. and they are mountains. of this i am certain.

but this kid, he's seen real mountains. they're bigger.

i guess that he's been skiing out west.

colorado, he says.
the mountains there, i tell him, are younger mountains than these. and that mountains shrink as they get old. they wear away.

he doesn't respond, but later on i hear him telling someone that these are old mountains. warms my heart.

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