Saturday, May 10, 2008

backstage pass

i'm very near the site of the flash mob event in saranac lake, which coincidentally is on the shores of lake flower and not saranac lake as one might think.

uh, anyway. i've been parked here, being part of the scenery for abot an hour and we are now thirty minutes away from zero time, so it is conceivable that other participants are already lurking nearby.

it is very much like being backstage before a play, but also it is not: until the hour arrives, it will be impossible to tell who is here for the party and who is just passing by.

originally i had thought that the "event identification" was going to be party hats, but it turns out that it's red foam clown noses.

all right. i see a guy wandering by the lake shore. i bet he's here for the party. he's very studied in his casualness.

last time i wrote to you i told you about going to the old north church in bennington, but i don't think i told you that afterward i went up to monument circle and sat there, for a while, too. it was sunny and the trees had just leafed out and i just say and looked up and the monument and basked in gratitude. if you've been following the story for a long time you know that i have been up to the monument before and it was an amazing thing to be there and feel the difference.

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Anonymous said...


I met you and flyingfisher once upon a time when I was a park ranger in Lebanon, NH. I enjoyed reading your blog for a while and then it was least by me. And today I had an urge to look you up and here you are again, readable and in my neck of the woods. I work just down the road from Saranac Lake - at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. There are even two lovely caches on the museum's site, but I suspect you may have visited them already. Anyway, should you ever find yourself here again, look me up!

Leah (aka mach-1 & redtail)


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