Tuesday, February 16, 2010

out to play

well, the skiing is very nice, so i'm spending less time here at my desk than i otherwise might.

i have half of the month of february photographed (but not yet clocked) for the "13" project, but i'm not showing it here.


yesterday at bolton they had the #1 chair running, which is my favorite chair and it's not running all that often. i still take a picture up on the elbow of peggy dow's, even though i'm not going back to re-do the video.

speaking of which, why don't i just post it again here, so you can see it? it's my love song to a ski trail.


Kristy said...

I read a this page of your posts, love the cooking references (my pastime as well). Looks like you are having fun!

Best wishes for the new year.

Kristy Lynch (6cats1dog&us)

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

Anonymous said...

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