Tuesday, April 13, 2010

please, sir, may i have some more?

ok, ok, so i post a lot about custard here.

but i haven't said anything really about custard for DAYS and you can't yet see what's on my work table, and you can't yet see the photo project, and i'm not ready to post the new music i'm working on (nevermind some demure photos that i'm NOT talking about, but you know who you are), and not only is custard easy to make, but it's easy to talk about.

last week i was thinking of making a little dark chocolate mocha number, pure and simple, but then got the bright idea to reserve some of the chocolate base (pre-mocha), mix it with a little caramel milk, whip in an extra egg white and lay that in on top of the heavier, darker mix for a two layer custard thing.

so i did.

lightly sweet in the top layer; dark, rich, and not sweet on the bottom.

good all around.


RW said...

Ok, custard. But why "flask" in the midst of all the catholic symbolism?

flask said...

rw: i used to be "ehrlenmeyer flask" (yes, it's an alternate spelling, but it got to be too cumbersome to type.

as for catholic, that just makes me giggle.

granted, i was baptized catholic, but lapsed shortly thereafter, raised by atheists to be atheist.

the rest gets kind of strange.

RW said...

OK, but looking at some of the other posts there's a kind of devotional thing going on. I don't know about strange, but I don't get it. Am I missing the sarcasm? Need to drink more? Wha?

flask said...

yeah, there's definitely a devotional thing going on. i mean, it was just easter an' everything...

the strange part (or one of the strange parts) comes in where all of a sudden after forty years i get religion; my mother is very disappointed.

i know this because she said so.

"i'm very disappointed", she said. "i thought your father and i raised you better than that."

i'm still not very catholic, though, and it makes me giggle every time you or fr. ravey or anyone else sees me that way.

oh, my poor mother!

RW said...

don't fret. I was raised catholic and became a Quaker. Carry on. :-)


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