Saturday, April 24, 2010

red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!

View river road intersection in a larger map

i use this intersection a lot. sometimes i turn left here and get on the interstate, but most of the time i turn right and go along route two into williston, either to the church or to my preferred mountain biking venue.

used to be you could wait a looooooong time to turn onto route two there, and eventually they put in a traffic light which was very nice if you were turning OFF of river road, but now if you're turning ONTO river road from route two heading east, you could wait through two rotations of the light before you get a chance to break through, and while you're waiting, traffic is backing up behind you.

just wait, i said to myself. they will put in a protected green for turning left. they have to.

and then another small voice said nah, they won't do that. that would be too smart.

and guess what?

this morning i was on my way back from the church and noticed they've put up a second light, so when they get it connected, there's going to be a protected green! hooray!


Jay said...

I think all left turns should be illegal unless there is a protection light. Or at least a left turn lane so that traffic isn't disrupted.

And by "disrupted" I mean "so I don't have to sit and wait on others." ;-)

Challis said... must really be working for you.


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