Saturday, November 13, 2010

threadbare excuses

you'd think that with all the time i'm spending sitting here at my desk that i might take a few minutes to update my blog. i keep thinking that i'll have something cool to show you, but not so much.

i've been workign on learning google sketchup (easy enough for you to find so do your own search) and while it is super cool, i don't have anything i can post to show you.

on other fronts, Christmas is coming.

yes, i KNOW it isn't even thanksgiving yet, but if you're designing items for purchase or even use at Christmas, you have to get a jump on it. in the music publishing business, that means you start getting ready for Christmas in may.

i'm not working on such a large scale, but i know it's that season when people are buying cards and ornaments and such and i didn't figure to be moving a lot of merchandise through my zazzle store, but they're my designs and i'm fond of them and people keep telling me that they'd buy cards or mugs or other stuff with my designs, and it don't cost me nothin' but time to put them out there for sale. so why not?

yesterday some unknown person bought twenty copies of this card, so go figure. the mystery is this, though: i have exactly ONE friend who knows of the existence of my zazzle store. with very few exceptions, people who read my blog are people who do not know me personally. it's not that my friends aren't interested in what i'm up to; it's just that they for the most part figure that they'll hear what i have to say anyway, and in great detail, and if they want to see the pictures, they go here.

so who's the purchaser? if you're reading this, you've already seen all of the advertising i'm doing, so "random stranger" is a good guess, but weird, you know?


in other news, i'm editing several months' worth of photos (none to show you yet) and some video (none to show you yet) and posting new items to my zazzle store every day (sidebar link, if you're interested), and learning to make models in sketchup (nothing to show you yet). i have not even touched my huge backlog of geocache logs (caught up to noon on may 6), but i have made an awesome rice pudding layered with chocolate panna cotta (nothing to show you yet) and i have in my spare time been following the cooks source conflagration. and reading the blogs i read. a lot of them.

in short, a lot of doing, but not much show and tell.

later on maybe get around to it.


Challosh said...

It's funny--up until now I had no idea what you did for a living. I checked it out--you're rather talented my friend.

flask said...

it's kind of you to say that i'm talented, but you still don't know what i do for a living.

the unvarnished truth is that until i lost the last medication available to me to control my unusually severe manic-depression, i was a middle school music teacher.

i managed to hang on for twenty years before i finally caved to it.

what i know about music publishing i know because i'm a classically trained composer, and submission guidelines is one of the things they talk about along with fugue subjects.

i am also preparing manuscripts for publication, which is a thing i hope will bear fruit, because if you can get a publisher to pick you up for a handful of pieces every year, you can buy groceries and maybe pay that mortgage depending on how well you sell.

if you can do that, they don't care how much crazy sits on you on your bad days, as long as you keep cranking out the tunes.

since this has not yet happened for me, what i actually do for a living is live off of disability retirement, since even though i have good days or even strings of good days, i can't be depended on not to be crying so hard i can't stand up and that just makes it really hard to show up for a job, you know?


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