Wednesday, December 15, 2010

inside out

this one is going to have to be quick, partly because i'm short on time, and partly because i don't have my notes.

i think i mentioned that things were going bad for me.

then things went worse.

so we were talking about a hospital admission.

but there weren't any beds anywhere. so i decided i needed to get away from home and maybe do a little light geocaching, maybe go to a museum...

then all hell broke loose.

it turns out that when the police are involved, it's easier to get a bed. go figure. i didn't write to tell you about it because they don't let you have your laptop on the locked ward.

or your phone. or shoelaces. 

i'm currently living in what can only be described as a quarter-of-the-way house.  today is day two.


Karen Kaye said...

Oh flask! I pray everything goes up from here. Please have a peaceful holiday and know there are people you've never even met pulling for you. Bless.

RW said...

This Sunday when I go to Quaker Meeting I'm going to ask that my Friends keep you in the Light. And when God lets it come down, which he will because of our special relationship, I want you to take it and put it in your heart.

I KNEW something was up when there weren't any posts for a long time.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We all have you in our prayers.


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