Monday, May 16, 2011

bright red

yesterday morning i woke up and skipped church because i had the opportunity to go loo at some cool tidal anomalies, but i had to go at high tide, which was right about church time and i have to think that God would not so much mind me going to admire such handiwork.

but then for some reason i just decided to go to PEI. the mud here (and there is a lot of mud) is the most amazing red color.

and i have been listening to canadian talk radio, which is stunningly polite. yesterday i hear one guy saying that if the government doesn't fully compensate the farmers in manitoba for the intentional flooding, "well, then, i'm one guy that will be angry".

that was about the height and pitch of the discussion. one thing i notice is that no matter how strongly these people hold their opinions, they are all willing to look at the other guy's side, and that's a LONG way from US talk radio mouth-foamers.


i have to go find some geocaches or something. it's sleeting here today. i'm glad i brought my long johns.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

so many things fascinating in this post but once again the Canadian talk show is what grabs me. I want to move to Canada. I long for civility and our country has lost it.
btw - It's 78 degrees here....long johns you say?

flask said...

it is 38 degrees here. and raining horizontally. i open my driver's side door and have to wipe rain off my computer screen on the passenger side.

Anonymous said...

Sorry our weather hasn't been too welcoming. We're sick and tired of it too.


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