Sunday, March 15, 2015

good morning, mud season!

in mud season, in the afternoons, all the dirt roads and driveways are soft. overnight sometimes they stiffen up.

last thursday afternoon it was very warm and things were very soft and in the early hours of friday the temperatures plunged back below zero, so friday morning the most dsitinctive sound around the neighborhood was the sound of tires spinning.

i came out of the house to go skiing and a neighbor couple was trying to push one of their cars out of the ice in which it was stuck so he could go to work.

i offered to help.

you know, because it's what you do.

since i was about to go skiing, i was already wearing my gopro on a chest harness and the guy said "are you going to gopro this for us?" and i said that i hadn't been going to, but i could.

if you're looking at that video, all the things that look like puddles? they are solid ice. they WERE puddles thursday afternoon, but not so much after the freeze.

so then after we got the car loose and they went inside, i discovered my transmission had frozen.

this is a problem that requires a little push.

*knock knock*

"hey, guess what?"
"your car needs a push?"
"be right out."

so we got that sorted and i went skiing.

mud season.

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Cookie said...

flask, like a boss. :)


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