Friday, March 13, 2015

look inside!

nearly a year ago i had to go to the nice doctor and let him have a little look at the inside of my stomach and esophagus because i have a little reflux problem and while a reflux problem isn't in and of itself so terrible, if you're doing damage in there, it can be Very Bad.

despite the reflux, i am healthy and pink.

so yay.

and i have nice pictures. maybe i will use them for my christmas card.

GE junction
pyloric antrum

stomach, reflexed view


Average Jane said...

I have a set of those! My stomach looked a little more irritated in the photos than yours does, but it was otherwise healthy. I just take an Omeprazole every morning and I've gotten used to the idea that I'll probably be doing so forever.

Cookie said...

And the doctor no doubt said that you had inner beauty. (wink)


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