Friday, May 20, 2016

a story from last fall

i probably meant to tell you this back then. probably.

i'm thinking about it today because i'm gonna stop at the same gas station and buy gas on my way out of town to go camping with a girl scout troop.

so this one day i sorta needed a tank of gas, but i REALLY needed a little USB cord, and the gas station had both, so i went there.

but it turns out they can't do that as once transaction. you have to go out, pump the gas, pay for that, and THEN buy the other thing, which was too much trouble for me and i could buy a tank of gas at the place where i was going to buy ice later in the day.

so basically this conversation happened:

me: can i get a tank of gas and this USB cord on one transaction?

clerk: no. you have to do the two separate transactions. you have to pay for the gas out at the pump.

me: ok, then. i'll just have this USB cord.

that's kind of a business loss.

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