Tuesday, May 31, 2016


if you read this on the blog page and not through your RSS feed, you may have noticed that i never did switch over to the winter colors here, because WINTER NEVER HAPPENED. sure, calendar winter came and went, but there was warm weather and precious little snow.

i simply refused to change off of my autumn colors until winter got here, which it never did.

so today i am skipping straight to the spring/ summer colors.

so, yay?

today there is little work for me in the sanders campaign, but a big was of it is supposed to come down the pipes this evening going straight into next week. if you want to make money placing bets on sanders to win states, put big money on montana and the dakotas while the odds are still long.

also california, but less of a sure thing and even longer odds. if you're brave, go ahead and bet. it's going to be exciting.

my entire life has not been on hold while i have been sandersing; i am still riding bikes and doing the venture challenge and i have projects and have taken pictures and stuff, but most days i use all of my available sitting at the computer time for the sandersing so i don't get to tell YOU anything.

this morning i have a little time to write, but yesterday i got wasp stung and thankfully it wasn't a hard hit and more thankfully it wasn't a species that sends me into a full reaction and even MORE thankfully i was just outside my front door, so i had benadryl in me and ice warpped around the arm in under two minutes.

today i still need the ice pack, but it's more for comfort than for slowing the reaction.

so we'll see.

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