Monday, January 16, 2017

gotta catch some of 'em

ok, so since i started taking the medication i have a lot more energy and a lot more stamina, but still not enough to do big things the way i used to.

and maybe you're saying but flask, don't you do a lot of active outdoor stuff?

well, yes and no.

i had gotten to the point where setting up camp was as active as i could get, and you can set up camp kinda slow, and also i haul my gear by boat, so not a big energy drain if you don't mind taking all day to do it. and yes, i did do some mountain biking and hiking last season, but after most of those outings i required so many days of recovery that i maybe lost ground each time.

and then after i got the smartphone i thought hey. pokemon go is probably a nice way to go out and walk up and down some nice flat streets for a while and build my stamina.

it is, too. i sort of got into it and did some nice walking. i am also still cleaning up things in my house.

but then while i was looking for ways to see more of the pokemon go world on a map and maybe plans some trips, i discovered INGRESS. it is the game pokemon go was built on. that, my friends, is a whole nother game. it is darker, more strategic, and your game actions have effects on the game everywhere else in the world.

it is fun and engaging and i am meeting people (online, at least, because players can be a secretive lot) and i'm getting more exercise.

what i'm NOT doing is as much laundry or dishes. or blog posting.

i will be writing more about this game later, i'm sure.

meantime, if you start playing, i'm going to ask you as a friend to choose resistance.

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