Saturday, February 18, 2017

my fake boyfriend

so i told mb i was going to get a boyfriend for valentine's day.

to her credit, she thought this was very funny.

well, i needed someone to smooch for valentine's day and i told all my friends i wasn't fussy about gender. step up, boys and girls! i said.

and this guy whom i had never met stepped up to be my fake boyfriend and there was a lot of farting around getting him a ride and i ended up picking him up from someone who had given him a ride halfway at six freakin'-thirty in the morning out in the nowheres.

WHY?  you are probably asking.

and you would be right to ask.

so, so a half day lift ticket at mad river glen is $49 and you have to start at noon, which is not so good for me because with my knees i need as much groomed terrain as i can get. but on valentine's day your full day lift ticket is $14.

IF - and that's a big if- you bring along someone to smooch in the ticket booth. no kiss, no discounted lift ticket.

so i brought along this guy, my fake boyfriend.

and he was very sweet and showed up with a little gift bag with candy and a rose, which i thought was very sweet.

and we had to kiss three times, because the first time we forgot to have the ticket man take a picture and the second time the picture didn't come out, but the third time was all good.

here is the famous mad river single chair:

and here is the view from stark's nest at the top:

i had never skied mad river, so i feel i have now completed a rite of passage.

here's a video about the preservation of the single chair.

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Zhoen said...

He looks nicely cuddly.


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