Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018 venture vermont: pick up litter on your road or in your town

i'm going to define "my town" liberally, because i define my home rather broadly: i pay my taxes in bolton, by the seat of my soul is a large chunk of land comprising west bolton, jonesville, ricker mountain, and the waterbury reservoir.

i live on the waterbury reservoir on average three months out of a year, and my daily transportation when i am living there is by boat on the reservoir.

when i am there i try to perform some service to that land and that water. usually i pick up at least one bag of trash.

a lot of things get left out there, and a lot of things that get left elsewhere wash up after floods.

normal: single sandals

unusual: playground equipment

gross: pee bottles.

seriously. if you are squeamish about peeing in the lake or the woods, why would you pee in a plastic bottle, seal it up, and toss it out for someone else to find? seriously? there is no shortage of places to pee out here. and yet i picked up at least three full pee bottles.

ewwww. people, don't be gross.

also, don't buy or use styrofoam coolers. that never ends well.

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