Sunday, September 13, 2020

in the driveway

I went out to the driveway thinking i would just make some notes on woody plants i already knew and sent some hours having to sort out things i THOUGHT i knew.

Here’s my list:

White birch
Grey birch
An assortment of white ash saplings
Some saplings of some kind of shadbush?
Spirea alba?

white birch. two sizes of teeth, telltale bark.

catkins in groups of three. i did not not know about the catkins


grey birch. leaf much pointier, triangular branch scars on trunk

i made a sketch of the grey birch leaves. took me a whole day.

ash sapling

the buds make me think it's white ash

this is a spirea, and checking against newcomb's wildflower guide, i think it is a spirea alba.

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