Thursday, October 08, 2020

2020 Venture Vermont: Start a nature journal. Keep track of all the seasonal changes you observe

it is not possible at this point for me to start a nature journal, because i keep one now as a matter of course. but i do track seasons, take notes, make sketches.

for this item on the challenge i decided this year to take photographs to document the changing seasons, so here's a video i made from them, with all the photos appearing in chronological order.


Zhoen said...


Unknown said...

Hi There. I may have written you awhile ago - can't remember. At any rate, just wanted to let you know that your research on the Mintz family was wonderful (from 2013). I am a descendent of that family and grew up in Ithaca. I actually knew very little about the family history and am trying to learn more and reconnect with long last relatives. It is an interesting history, and maybe worth a book. My mom was Marilyn Mintz, daughter of Aaron Mintz, son of Ben and Rachel Mintz. Loved that you got so involved with our history! I am just now putting it together. Glad you are still Blogging! Is there a way to leave contact info without it being public? My name is Judith Wasserman. Happy 2021.

flask said...

judith, happy 2021 to you and yours as well.

you can send your contact infos in the comments and i can simply not publish them.


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