Friday, October 23, 2020

flask's advice for bugging out

i have a friend who lives in colorado, near a significant and growing wildfire. i offered today to make an evacuation list and she said that would be helpful, so i made one.

i hope you never need to use it, but here it is:

  • gather your documents (passports, birth certificates, licenses, insurance documents, etc.), keys, extra glasses, medications, pet registrations, records, and tags and have a small bag handy to put them in so the important stuff is all in one place.
  • have your credit cards, checkbook and SOME CASH ready to go.
  • make sure your vehicles have full gas tanks.

  • have your computer and hard drives in a state where you can pack them in five or ten minutes. get your battery packs charged now, and keep them ready to go.

  • do some triage about sentimental items and mentally prepare to take as many as you have space for if you actually evacuate.
  • take unnecessary stuff out of your vehicle(s) NOW.

  • have each family member who is able pack a bag of changes of clothes: at least one pair of pants, two shirts, three changes of socks and underwear, extra shoes, a hat, glove, and a jacket. pack for if you're going camping.
  • include a comfort item, whatever book you're reading, and maybe some small games. you may be stuck somewhere waiting.
  • if you're going to have room in your vehicle(s), pack a big bag of extra clothing.

  • pack a picnic bag: enough food and snacks to get you through a day or two. bonus if you have unbreakable cups, plates, and utensils. include pet food and dishes.
  • pack a bag of toiletries. it saves space if you all have one big bag instead of everybody bringing their own.
  • bring at least a gallon of water for each person.
  • have a first aid kit.
  • if you have an emergency tarp, some space blankets, hand warmers, and cordage, put that in a bag to go.
  • pack a sleeping bag or blankets for each person. maybe even a tent. if you can't get a hotel, you're going to be camping.
  • bring pet carriers, litterboxes, and bedding for your animals.

  • put all these things in your vehicle(s). see how much room you have.
  • if you have more than one vehicle, put all the critical items in one car in case you have to leave one car behind.
  • in case you have to travel on foot, put your critical items in backpacks if you have them.

  • after you've put all the stuff in your car, evaluate how much space you have and fill that space with sentimental or expensive items. make sure you know where those items are and maybe already have them packed to go. 
  •  once you've packed and practiced, wait. hope you don't have to go. 
  •  if you DO go, remember to shut off the utilities and take out the trash. 
  •  if you think you're going to need to evacuate, go sooner rather than later. you will be competing with other evacuees for hotel rooms or campgrounds. also, death defying escapes make compelling TV, but should be avoided.


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