Friday, March 24, 2006

this side of fried

i'm either feeling deadened or i'm feeling better. maybe both.

i don't have a lot to say other than to back up and account for the last ten days: friday i went geocaching with friends. we had lunch at the miss adams diner in adams, MA, where they were running a really good corned-beef-and-cabbage special.

you know, my last fling before the ECT.

it was one great rolling party, of the kind that seems to be standard among geocachers: some of us will assemble in one place at or near the party and we will run into each other, group and regroup, coming and going for hours or maybe even days. i left after the ill-fated saturday afternoon raid into massachusetts. the party was still going on, but i wanted to get home to go to church on sunday.

we came up the route 100 corridor, where the roads were bad but i didn't get in trouble until i was about a mile from home, hit a rut, and got slingshotted out and into a tree.

i don't remember how i got to church in the morning-

oh, now that i think about it, it was rumblestrip. of course. i had been smart enough to think ahead of time that sunday would likely be a hard day for me, and that i could use the company.

rumblestrip is good company.

i'm having a hard time remembering which day was which, but there are a few things that stand out and make me think that's how it happened.

monday there was nothing terribly remarkable about the treatment, other than i started to regain consciousness before i could breathe on my own and it sent me into a panic. afterward and for most of tuesday i did nothing but sleep.

wednesday there was nothing interesting except for the IV had to be started in my hand and the medication burned so much that i was screaming with the pain as i lost consciousness.

i wasn't at my best for choir practice.

and i slept all day thursday.

today they had to wake me up to start the IV.

so. here's my routine:

my mom comes to pick me up. we go to the hospital, where i sleep from our 0730 appointment time until 0900 or so, when they take me. the treatment, from prep to recovery, takes about eighteen minutes.

my mom takes me home when i wake, stopping before we leave the hospital for a snickers bar and on the way home for a sandwich. then i sleep for the rest of the day, as well as most of the following day.


skipper said...

From skippersmom,
Hello dear friend flask, so you've made it so far, with no lethal repurcussions! Congratulate your self!! God be with you. See you in church tomorrow I hope. Call if you need a ride please.
Fondly, M

-K said...

Small victories, baby girl, small victories. Sometimes, it's all we have.

You're still in my thoughts. Hope to run into you while caching soon.

Anonymous said...


I wandered into your blog some time ago after living vicariously through your geocaching milestones. I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you often and saying little prayers. Prayers... Its sort of funny because the Big Guy and I had a falling out some 15 years ago or so and haven't really spoken since. But, maybe now we're in the same room. I'm not sure we're really still speaking but here we are...eyeing each other warily from our prospective corners. That's a lot for me. For that, I thank you. Take care of yourself.


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