Wednesday, June 01, 2011

debridal suite

tonight's mountain bike race did not go well for me. i wasn't even a mile into it when i just didn't have the speed to go over a little shelf that i've gone over without problems for YEARS and i went over at slow speed onto my left elbow leaving a deep cut that isn't very long, didn't bleed much, but that i had to debride with a toothbrush when i got home.

and now i can't rest my arm anywhere because even though it's dressed, it's weeping and tomorrow there's gonna be a very festive bruise.

of course i took pictures and at some point if you're very nice to me i'll show you.

meanwhile, back at my desk, i wrote a lot of geocaching logs today, which doesn't just mean writing geocache logs. it means updating my website and posting to panoramio and ordering the november photos from the thirteen project because now i'm just getting to all the pictures from the days surrounding the Very Bad Thing and while i was at it, i posted the video journal that i started and never finished because i got to the day of the Very Bad Thing and then just stopped filming.

you can see it in my eyes, though.

this is the before of the before and after shots. these are what my eyes look like before something in them goes dead.

these are the pictures i have been avoiding looking at for seven months and there's no way to go forward besides through.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to know sometimes if it's a good thing to go back and examine things too closely. I hope it helped and I hope today is a good day.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

babyjohn took the words right out of my mouth!

thisonegirl said...

Monsters are more scary while they are still in the closet. When you throw the door open and give them a good look, you get to see them for what they're worth. If a light goes out in your eyes, then the monster wins. I hope you can confront this monster and know that you aren't defined by what happened on that day.


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