Wednesday, June 08, 2011

most awesom spam bless honestly veracious.

with only a few edits (in parentheses), here is the most awesome spam comment i've gotten to date:

We Purchase Houses With No Objectivity,We Buy Any Houses,We peculate Over Payments.Please pack make on
(link removed) and get suggest in 48 hours
or right us (phone number removed),divert refer to friends who need help.Bless heyday!

Distinction Landlords and Rehabbers:
If you are a dour investor buying at least inseparable house per neighbourhood for rental or rehab,
then you are in the healthy go on veracious now.
(link removed).

Proprietor Financing May Be The Occult Explanation Learn How To Own A Domestic Without Dealing With A Bank!
Chance The Hideous Really In all directions Renting & Why It May Be Setting You Pursuing Financially??¦ Gain
Insider Secrets on How Possessor Financing Honestly Works
(link removed).

Requirement Unconventional Start? We can help.Painting ensemble can coat your domicile within desired time framing,
in colors of your preference with master discounts for paints,with adequate by client quality.
Above-board prices,references,allow,
fetters,insuranse.For pictures of your works suit by
(link removed).


honestly, even if you WERE looking for those services, would you use those links?

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mybabyjohn said...

It's a new art form.


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