Sunday, June 05, 2011



so i'm still writing geocaching logs, like that's any big surprise. the big surprise is that i am now only about a month behind in logging, so i may actually catch up. i have also posted the videos that go along with those logs.

in other news, here are two really cool optical illusions.

yesterday i made some baked cheese things that go around olives (pretty good) and i am still experimenting with some other things, but tonight i am happy with the dulce-de-leche-with-butter-brickle flavor ice cream i made, and i adapted this recipe for a shaved asparagus pizza.

the ice cream is very, very, good.

the pizza is to die for.  it is so good i ate the whole thing myself. oh, my goodness gracious me.

ok, that's enough dawdling. i have to go write more cache logs.

assorted other videos can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

pizza....hmmmmmm.....I wonder if a thinly pressed out tea biscuit dough would work with some pesto sauce a few veggies and some soy cheese melted on top? I am craving pizza but I can't have dairy.


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