Tuesday, August 09, 2011

little things

today's little chore was  updating the slideshow that plays on my blog page. i know, you probably read it in RSS, but there's a slideshow if you want to see it.

so that took a little time, going through my bazillions of photos and adding the ones that seemed worth it, and taking out some old ones i wasn't so happy with anymore. then of course the feed was broken, so i had to fix that.

in other little internet news, yesterday i added two new designs to my zazzle store. i took a picture of some flowers from cr's garden and she said it was like us smiling in the sunshine, so i made this:

then i was thinking that if i could make that into a template, it would make a nice little greeting card or mug or something, so no anyone who wants one can put their own photographs into the flowers and that's how i spent my morning yesterday.

flower garden mug
flower garden by flask_ehrlenmeyer
you and me, sunshine card
you and me, sunshine by flask_ehrlenmeyer
make a card online at zazzle 

so then i went for a mountain bike ride and came home and made the soup du jour. it's almost as good as yesterday's soup. i think now i'm going to go make brownies.

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Anonymous said...

I think the flower photos are great. Brownies would be even better.


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