Tuesday, August 02, 2011

sleeping: an equipment guide

you probably don't know how to pack for going to bed.

what's that you say? you just crawl in there and sleep? you're not PREPARED?

you need my advice.

i am changing my sheets today. i say it in the present tense because right now i only have one set of sheets that i really like and that fit my mattress well, so in order to clean them it's a commitment to see the process through all the way.

i confess that i have not changed them since those two days it was really hot because it kind of seemed pointless to put fresh sheets on the bed if it was only going to be another hot night, but i have to draw the line somewhere.

it's not ENTIRLEY as slovenly as it sounds, because i habitually sleep in long-sleeved shirts and athletic tights and i ALWAYS wear socks, so there's not a lot of actual skin contact with the sheets, but still. there are limits.

uh, anyway, when you take the sheets off the bed, you find out what's really under that comforter.

i used to need a completely empty bed, with nothing in it and the sheets all needed to line up square and i wish i could tell you i have never gotten out of bed in the night to remake the bed because the sheets were crooked.

so while my life now may not represent progress in the strict sense, it does represent movement.

sleeping is dangerous business. last thursday on my way out of bed i managed to hit my head so forcefully on a nearby shelf that i managed to punch a half-inch triangular cut in my scalp but didn't notice the matted blood until i took my hat off at lunchtime.

apparently there's a whole suite of things you need in order to sleep. here's my list:

in the bed:
  • four pillows. it's important that if you roll over, you are fully supported.
  • two phones. you can't be bothered to roll far enough to pick one up if it rings. one functions as an alarm clock, too.
  • camera. you usually need to take pictures during the night. (see above, phone as alarm clock)
  • t shirt. you can't drool on the pillows, can you?
  • sweater that does not belong to you. this is a sufficiently grown-up looking susbstitute for that stuffed dog you stopped sleeping with when you were nine because it was falling apart but you still have it in your closet.
  • large chunk of rose quartz. handy in an emergency. you know.
  • hat. either your head is cold, or the room is not dark enough.
  • ipod and headphones. duh. don't use the good headphones; they only get tangled.
  • pretzels and pretzel fragments. ok, this isn't strictly intentional, but if you eat in your sleep, you're bound to lose some of it in the bed, ambien walrus.

not actually in the bed, but within reach without rolling over:

  • large bag of pretzels.
  • assorted other snacks.  you sleep better if you don't have to go so far to get snacks. if you have ever woken up in the driveway on your way to get something to eat, you know this is important.
  • two bottles of water.
  • spare ipod. emergency podcasts in case of failure.
furthermore, before you go to sleep you should plan your next day's activities and make sure you are wearing socks appropriate to that activity.  this means if it is saturday night, you should be wearing your bright red or florescent yellow socks, or at the very least your black and pink flamingo socks because that's what you should wear to church,  ESPECIALLY if you are in front of the congregation for any part of the service. it also means that if tomorrow is canada day, you are wearing your maple leaf socks.

details are important. if you forget to put on the right socks at bedtime, you will only have to get up and change them as soon as your error is discovered.

save yourself time and energy. be prepared.

i know i have helped you.


Anonymous said...

An impressive and comprehensive list..may I add...flashlight in case the power goes out, kleenex and garbage pail within reach, package of halls for the inevitable middle of the night dry throat tickle, glasses (the kind you wear on your face) within reach so you can see to dial 911 in case of emergency, paper and pen in case you have a dream you want to record....I could go on but I think my list could end up being as long as yours. Good planning and good night.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

And to think I just take off all my clothes and hop into bed without a care in the world.
I've been doing it all wrong!!
(if it's fall or winter - open a window, if it's summer turn down the ac)

Mad Jack said...

one (1) box of Kleenex
one (1) queen size bed with sheets in disarray
two (2) pillows, hypoallergenic
one (1) black cat who hogs the bed and will double as alarm clock
two (2) flashlights, one in each nightstand
two (2) .357 S&W Magnum revolvers, loaded, one in each nightstand
one (1) illuminated alarm clock within sight but not within reach

I can not identify with someone who will rise to remake the bed, but I think my brother Big Mike would be able to. You have to see his kitchen to understand why.

I'm glad you're feeling better. You might consider carrying a card that states "I'm okay, I just need time to settle down. I do not intend to harm myself or anyone else. I am not armed. Please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx for advice."

flask said...

mj- thank you for your advice. i'll do that.


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