Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a few little things

i'm still working on web-ish things.

it is week four of codeyear, which means i'm starting to have a clue. just one, mind you, but it is a clue.

i'm trying to work with the half-functional site i mentioned last time and although it doesn't have much to offer in terms of ease-of-use, with a good FTP client it becomes almost manageable.

i'm using two nice free tools: a simple editor called textwrangler  (mac) and an FTP client called filezilla (mac and windows).

you can do a lot with those if you've a mind to. so far i'm not doing a lot with them, but if you want to see the little half-formed site built from scratch, it's here. please bear in mind that it isn't functional at all; it's just a little scaffolding on which to hang a little html and css. i'd like for it to do nothing a little more smoothly, but right now at the host site i'm getting a lot of "read-only file system" error messages both through filezilla and through the super slow and ungainly online file manager.

in the meantime, how 'bout i close some tabs?

i totally adore this poem and it makes me giggle every time i read it, which is a more impressive statement now than it was a couple of months ago when i first left it open on my desktop meaning to tell you about it.

curvy is a lovely little html5 game you can play, but be prepared to spend a number of hours at it.

and if you've ever wanted a unicode character to represent whatever little image is in your mind you need this tool, and you need it NOW.

and for no good reason and with absolutely no explanation, here's a little picture of khalil:

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