Tuesday, November 06, 2012

be obstructionist: VOTE.

sample ballot
this morning i went to vote.

but i get tired of having this argument with idiots:

they say they're not voting because they don't like the candidate choices, or that both parties are corrupted by business, or that one vote isn't going to bring about real change.

your excuse sucks. 

i don't like the candidate choices. i think both parties and government in general are corrupted by big money. i think the electoral system is broken. and i think that my one vote probably won't bring out any real change.

but tell me this, idiot smugly sitting at home not voting because "the government needs to be abolished and all my problems would be solved": what's your plan for an alternative?

what do you think will happen in the vacuum created by an abolished government while you sit home and watch tv and make snarky comments?

what's your realistic plan for abolishing the government? armed insurrection?

ok, that may be a viable plan, but it will require a great deal of planning and effort and you will not be able to bring it about by complaining on twitter.

and failing that goal of starting over from scratch in your magical happy perfect governmentless society that's going to spring up spontaneously out of nowhere, let's look at your claim that the government is hopelessly corrupted by big money and huge corporations and that voting won't stop it.

well, maybe if you vote you won't be able to stop it, but if you don't do anything more meaningful than making smug facebook updates about how you're not voting, you're really not presenting much in the way of an obstacle to those bastards, now, are you?

by removing yourself from the conversation all you are doing is letting them go right ahead and do the things you hate.

so can't you just trouble yourself to get out of your TV chair for a little while and go down to the polling place and maybe go on record about something?

because maybe you can't personally fix what's wrong with it, but you snarky auto-surrender does nothing but fulfill its own doom.

let's say for a moment that i agree with you and that government is bought and sold for cash and the voters are largely disenfranchised.

the people who wish for you to be disenfranchised, the people who buy and sell governments would like nothing better than for you to  keep your lazy ass at home and make smug blog posts, because it gives them carte blanche to run roughshod over you if you can't be bothered to at least go through the theater of speaking up.

make them at least have to make a show of explaining themselves.

get in their way.



Kristin @ Going Country said...

Have I ever told you I like the way you write? I do. I also like the way you think. Just thought you would like to know that.

flask said...

i do not recall if you have told me that or not.

i AM glad to know that, because it is very much a mutual admiration society.


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