Sunday, May 31, 2015

coconut ginger ice cream

a friend asked me to post the recipe for some really good coconut ginger ice cream i just made.

that's hard, because i was experimenting and i don't really know how much of anything i actually used.

you should have on hand:

three cans of full fat coconut milk
a metric craptonne of fresh ginger
some candied ginger

ok, so start out with two cans of coconut milk and a half cup of sugar in a saucepan. toss in a lot of slices of ginger. simmer those suckers for a while. then for some reason start another recipe that requires PART of a can of coconut milk and toss the rest in with the base you're already making, so now you're going to need some more sugar and some more ginger.

no, i don't know how much.

also then because you want that GINGERY, take a big wad of grated ginger and squeeze out the juice. add it to the base, either before or after you take it off the heat. let that sucker cool and steep for a long time, maybe overnight.

then strain out the ginger chunks and simmer them in simple syrup for a while. let them cool.

meanwhile, toss your coconut base in your ice cream maker as you usually do things, and chop up both your fresh candied ginger and your crystallized candied ginger. as much as you want.

when the ice cream is half frozen, toss all that in there until it's all mixed in and you like the consistency.

put it in containers and freeze it.

you're welcome.

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