Wednesday, May 06, 2015

yesterday at catamount

i ride a lot of the time at catamount family outdoor center in williston. yes, it costs money to ride there, but the thing about it is that it is a crowning jewle of greenspace in vermont's most populous county, in a town with all the big box stores and a lot of sprawl.

and because of the way the land is laid out and because of how it's been cared for over years, it is many diverse and protected habitats. it's kind of stunning, really.

and they have races for runners and for mountain bikes and for cyclocross and run camps and programs.

me, i'm the lady you meet on the trails, the one who can give you directions and help you find a trail you will enjoy. i will also check to see if you have your trail pass. it's what i do.

anyway, i was there yesterday and it's still early season and i am riding slow and tentatively because that's how i always ride until i get my legs, plus this winter the time at which i stopped getting a lot of daily exercise coincided with the time at which i started making a lot of cookies.

of course it's because of MB, but it's not really appropriate to lay blame with MB. when you get slow and fat and weak it's nobody's fault but your own.

so here's about two minutes coming down a trail.


Cookie said...


flyingfisher said...

Really enjoyed your ride in the woods.

flyingfisher said...

Really enjoyed your ride through the woods


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