Friday, May 01, 2015

cabbages and kings

a week or two ago i took it upon myself to make some of the food of my people: cabbage and dumplings.

it's simple to do, and delicious, if you like cabbage.

you take a head of green cabbage and chop it up. toss it in a pan with a whole mess of hotted up butter. and an onion or two.

while it cooks, make some flour and water dumplings. flour, water, salt. throw little globs of it in boiling water until they float to the top.

then lay those puppies on your cooked cabbage and you are all set.

but second day.

second day the fun starts.

take those leftover boiled dumplings and fry one side of them in a pan with butter. when they brown a little, flip them over and toss some leftover cabbage on top of them. fry two eggs beside them and by the time the eggs are cooked, the cabbage will be hot and the other side of the dumplings will be brown and you scoop the cabbage and dumplings into a dish and lay the eggs over them and oh, my.


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Average Jane said...

That sounds SO good!


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