Monday, March 21, 2016

hi, everybody.

i'm still out here, and i'm ok.

i've been depressed, and that saps my energy.

today i feel so good that daily maintenance tasks are within my reach! i know, that shouldn't be a thing. but it is. meanwhile, most of the rest of the time i HAVE been getting up to do things, and i have had some time to write, but mostly i have been writing posts and tweets for the sanders campaign and sometimes picking up phones and calling voters in other states.

i get a lot of hangups, because the pattern is that everybody and his dog calls you if your state has a primary coming up but the darndest thing is that we are still reaching voters in the west and midwest who are unaware that senator sanders exists.

yesterday he spoke to three rallies attended by tens of thousands of people AT EACH and somehow none of the major networks thought that was worthy of note even though a trump event somewhere drew a couple thousand people and that was all over the news.

it's easy to fall into charges of conspiracy, but the main liberal media outlets (including twitter) are mostly owned by people who support secretary clinton, and the preferred media narrative has always been that senator sanders isn't a serious candidate.

the truth is that he draws YUUUUUGE crows everywhere he speaks, and he has received more donations from individual donors than any candidate in american politics, ever.

the media narrative has always been:

how cute.
oh, he'll never get off the ground
yes, but he can't win any state that isn't vermont
yes, but he can't win any state that doesn't touch vermont
yes, but he can't win anything out of new england
yes, but he can't keep sustained interest

the narrative has always been that he is a non-starter. the truth is he is very much alive, very much bringing in record donations (at an average of $27 each).

this morning the mainstream media are running stories that he should step down because his candidacy is too costly to secretary clinton's nomination and her general election bid.

well, if secretary clinton were a stronger candidate, they wouldn't need to worry about this, would they?

sorry to postpone your coronation, democrats. run a better candidate or take risks that your poor candidate will crash and burn.

look. i've been voting democratic since mondale. i won't be voting for hillary, no matter what. the democrats already know their precious hillary is flawed and precarious as a candidate. if they insist on running her with the knowledge that many of us will not vote for her, that is their concern and none of mine.

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Zhoen said...

Looks like he might take Utah. The state that also went for Ross Perot, I may add.

I'd love to see him win, and he has my vote. Dylan covered a shift so two of his co-workers could go caucus for him.


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