Saturday, March 12, 2016

sorry / not sorry

you both know that this blog is about whatever i'm thinking at the moment.

these days i am thinking and talking and writing almost entirely about politics, so if you only read me for updates about my craft projects, you should probably come back in july.

i'm going to give you a prĂ©cis of my assessment of this primary season so if you're still reading, you can be aware of my biases. i do not pretend to be a neutral,  and i think most people who are aware of the issues and pretend to be neutral are dishonest asshats.

for the record, there's a difference between "i'm neutral" and "i have an opinion but i am a news reporter or other public figure and do not wish to speak on my choices." that second thing is fair.

my take on the republican field: they range from moderate-sounding men who have dangerous views to dangerous-sounding crazy men who resemble 1939 hitler.

the democratic choices are more nuanced.

a long time ago (before the obama campaign) i looked around hoping to find a woman candidate who could maybe win the white house one day and i settled for a time on the rising career of hillary clinton.

but then the more i looked at her record and her donors and the scandals that were around her (even if none seemed to stick definitively, which *counghiran-contracough* is really no indicator of innocence, the more i started to oppose her candidacy under any circumstances.

you know that i grew up near burlington, vermont in the sanders-for-mayor era. i felt at first that he was a joke, and then an embarrassment, and then as i saw him speak and work he gained my respect and even love.

my antipathy for secretary clinton and my love of senator sanders are not related, although they do stem from the same fundamental beliefs.

and they are colliding spectacularly this primary season.

i was kind of not posting to this blog because this blog is not a politics blog.

but this blog is about what i'm thinking about and what i'm thinking about these days is politics.

so there's going to be a lot of that for a while.

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