Wednesday, March 23, 2016

open letter to senator bernard sanders

dear senator sanders,

i know you're busy these days. i just wanted to say i have been proud of you since i started voting for you in 1990 and i am prouder every day of you and your accomplishments and this crazy long-shot election.

i am STILL finding out things i did not know about you, how decent and hardworking you have been, supporting issues i care about since i was a baby. i only recently found out about your work in florida with immigrant workers when you were elected to the house.

i am so proud of you for being a representative for all people and not just the people who vote for you. you are a hero, senator sanders, and my second biggest wish right now is to shake your hand.

my first biggest wish is to see you president.

so i work the phones, knock the doors, give probably more money than i should because you don't get this kind of opportunity that often.

i don't know if this will reach you, but maybe if you're having a hard day, one of your staffers can forward it to you. i talk to a lot of vermont volunteers out here, senator sanders. when we work the phonebanks, we are proud to say to voters in other states "i am from vermont. bernie is my senator. we love him here, and we think you will love him, too." it's a little off script, but they like hearing that we voted for you already and would again. they ask us about your record and we tell them firsthand how fiercely you fight for all of us to have a voice in government and a chance in life.

normally i would close a letter to a senator i have never personally met  "with respect" or, if i really like them "with respect and affection" but this morning, senator sanders, i'll say


(my given name and address)

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Zhoen said...

Just a few days later, and it's looking a lot more possible.


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