Thursday, March 26, 2020

retreat, tattoo, and taps

today the governor closed all vermont schools for the remainder of the year.

today the new known cases in the US rose over 13,000.

today, as i have come to do every day since we were asked to stay home, i played retreat at five, tattoo at 8:45, and taps at nine.

i don't know how all my neighbors feel about it, but last summer when you could stop and talk to people, my neighbors said they liked my bugling, which was just for practice then, because summer camps.

now, i feel it's all i can do to say i know it's different now, you trying to work at home, but the workday is over. put your things down and breathe.

i can say the evening is winding down. breathe.

i can say night is begun. rest if you can. breathe.

it's a small thing, a routine, a thing that can tie us all together in a moment, al of us apart and in our houses.

"all is well" may be a stretch of truth, but i can still wish it.

safely rest.

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