Thursday, August 06, 2020

2020 Venture Vermont: Cut your own energy use

ok, is it rant time?

because really if we want to cut down on energy use significantly on this planet, we need to change the behaviors of the BIG CONSUMERS. we need to have the right to repair, and not throw out perfectly good stuff that could be fixed but huge corporations want us to buy new.

if each and every one of us made the tiny changes that are under our control, we still wouldn't have done enough because we, individual people, are not the largest part of the problem.

i can take a shorter shower, but they're still growing alfalfa in california for export and using water taken from nevada rivers to do it.

i can throw out less stuff, but the battery on my phone is wearing out, and the company that makes my phone wants me to buy a whole new phone and that is a problem of global scale.

i'm still in favor of energy efficient as long as we all recognize that there's going to need to be some very big changes to the structure of corporations and governments if we want to make a significant difference while there's still time.

so. with all that in mind, i had energy-efficient heat pumps installed at my house this week. i stand to save 40% on my heating bill in the winter.

i'm going to go ahead and award myself ten points.

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