Tuesday, August 11, 2020

2020 Venture Vermont: Photograph and identify five species of wild growing native Vermont plants

 it's never hard for me to complete this item; learning the plants that grow around my home and on the natural areas i love are a thing that i do all the time.

so i'm just going to pick five that i liked from the past few weeks.

this is a plaintain leaf sedge, Carex plantaginea, which is one of the first plants to green up in spring.

it blooms right about the same time as

Canadian wild ginger, arum canadense, with its beautiful furry leaves that make it look shiny, and its fantastic three-clawed red flower.

this one is sallow sedge, carex lurida, and if you're wondering at this point why my native plant identifications are heavy on the sedges,  it's because i just finished taking a course on sedges with Jerry Jenkins.

here is a native plant. it is very teeny. i found it looking through a microscope, but i assure you, it is a plant.

this is a micrasterias rotata:

and here is one last sedge to round out my five:

this is a straw colored flatsedge, Cyperus strigosus.

that's my five for documentation purposes.

the more i learn about plats, the easier it is to pick five i haven't done before.

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