Tuesday, September 14, 2021

2021 venture vermont: hike a trail you've never done before

 barb and i walked the section of long trail between the bolton canoe launch and the footbridge parking on route two, which with the exception of the portion that goes through the sara holbrook town forest, i had never been on. 

back in my long trail hiking days, the trail cam right down robbins mountain and into jonesville, so it was nice to see where the trail goes now. some of how it comes down camel's hump is still a mystery to me on the south side of river road.

and it turns out that all that bottomland with the pastured animals is actually part of camel's hump state park (according to the ANR atlas) which totally makes sense in terms of why a chicken would let hikers walk through the pastures, but if the land is leased from the state park, it makes sense.

anyway, here i am on one of the stiles.

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