Friday, May 07, 2010

in dreams

weeks ago  i started having dreams in which i have to go to princeton, ME.

i have no idea why i am here, but i am in princeton, ME. i have found a campsite somewhere nearby and this afternoon in calais i found a place that served up a pizza so good that all i could do was thank God for a creation in which such a thing could exist and a life in which i might be present to eat it.

it was a fourteen inch pie (i have some left over) with garlic sausage and onions, so good that it boggles your mind and under twelve dollars.

it is not my habit to endorse products or businesses here, but a pizza that good and that cheap deserves mention, you know?

1 comment:

RW said...

wait... are you eating pizza in the dream? And if you are, where did the picture of the pizzaria come from? I'm spooked...


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