Wednesday, May 12, 2010

let me clarify...

i kept having dreams in which i have to go to princeton, maine.

so i packed up my car -for real- and went to princeton, maine. now i am travelling without itinerary or plan, and maine is a very big place. for the last two days i was up in the deboullie unit, which was recommended to me by four park rangers and three employees of north maine woods.

i woke up in ashland and noticed that the regional office for maine parks and recreation is there, so i thought i'd just drop by and ask them some questions. they were very sweet.

so i went up to deboullie.

it's very remote up there.


i'm kind of relieved to be back in a town, even if that town is fort kent.

never, not once in my life, did i ever think i would be approaching caribou, ME from the NORTH.

still, i'm having an interesting time.

here's a view of my campsite first thing in the morning.

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