Monday, May 24, 2010

a little late

hey, i know we're already most of the way through may, but i've been kind of busy being out on the road.

and it takes time to organize all those pictures.

but here's april from my thirteen project. i can't believe it's already time to start clocking may!


Karen Kaye said...

I find this so interesting! How long are you going to keep it up? I especially love the ones where you are sleeping or just generally looking bedraggled LOL! It's very honest! Also I loved the music. Is it yours?

I just wanted to add that what you wrote on my blog made my cry. I ran around the house reading it to everyone and I even printed it out. It was the loveliest thing anyone has ever said about my writing and I really appreciate it. Thank you for making my day.

flask said...

karen, it's sweet of you to say.

yes, it is my music.

and i plan to keep it up until december 31, 2010, when i'll put all the pictures together and do something interesting (i hope) with them.

a year at every thirteen hours.


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